Words You Can't Take Back

by Erin

Have you ever said, something you never thought you'd say?
You think about it all the time, and regret it to this day,
It sticks in your heart, and you can't let it go,
You finally told the truth, and hurt someone you know.

You always kept it inside, so no one would pout,
But they pushed you so far, you just blurted it out,
The room went silent, no one made a sound,
You wanted to die, and fall to the ground.

You couldn't believe you said it, your body felt frozen,
This isn't the decision, that you would've chosen,
You heart sank, you couldn't take it back,
The power to keep it in, is just something that you lack.

Hours go on, and they act like it was never said,
But you both know you did, and your heart feels dead,
You regret it so bad, you just want to cry,
You can't take it back, you can't even try.

Don't ever do it, say something you wish you could take back,
It makes your heart feel cold, and black...


Submission date : 2004-11-06

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Heather Dunagan at 2004-12-05

I think most of your poems had made me get tears your awosm keep it up k!?