I love you nanny

by ~iloveantz~

I was little when it happened,
about 18 months of age,
i didn't get to know you,
but i really wish you'd stayed.
i couldn't really talk then,
so i couldn't say goodbye,
but if i had one more chance to talk to you that is what id say.
i really love you nanny.
i wish you could of stayed,
i know its not your fault but I'm really in dismay,
i wish id got to know you better,
but things don't always go right,
don't worry cause i think of you,
every day and every night.
even though i think of you,
i couldn't imagine what you look like now,
and i don't know your personality,
but i know your not a cow.
even though i was little when the pain hit the family,
that doesn't mean the pain didn't hurt me,
cause believe me it did nanny.
if i had one more chance to look you in the eye,
i would say this to you nanny.
i love you and goodbye.


Submission date : 2004-12-10

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