Farewell Grandma

by Ashley

Farewell grandma, I love you so much.
You mean the world to me.
I’m sad you’re gone, and ill miss you for so long.
But I know you’re out of pain and had and had a great game.
When you dyed everyone cried.
We cried because we love you.
So today is the day I finally have the guts to say…
Goodbye grandma, I love you.
But before I do there’s one more thing I want to say…
You’re my star.
When I look into the sky and wonder why,
I see you and I know its true, I know there is a better place.
The days are getting harder because I miss you.
But that’s ok;
Because the stars are always out so I see you everyday.
The time has come for me to say,
Farewell grandma,
I love you;
More then you will ever know.
So remember this before I finally let you go…
I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye before you died;
But I’m saying it now.
I was just so scared, not to see you dying, but for you to see me crying.
I was scared that I would miss you more,
Scared that you would look different,
So now I’m ready to say I love you grandma and goodbye.


Submission date : 2005-01-21

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