My best friend is dead...

by Notquiteright

My dearest friend, you died today.
With you, you took, your laugh, your smile, your friendship.
But you left my love for you.
The man above called for you, and so you ran.
Those big gates opened just for you.
No more suffering for you, you are in peace now.
I wish i could hear your voice one last time,
I wish i could feel your touch one last time,
I wish i could laugh with last time,
Everyone says it'll be okay, but it will never best friend is dead.
The one i entrusted with my deepest darkest secrets,
The only one who knew what I meant no matter what,
The only one who's smile could brighten my entire day,
all gone.
I know god has reasons for everything, but why my best friend...why?
When you told me we'd be friends forever was that a lie?
But then i feel a breeze and a swaying of the trees, this shows me its going to be alright.


Submission date : 2005-03-14

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L0st$oul43v3r at 2005-03-15

my best friend died..4th grade..

Emma RIP