Crystal meth

by Danielle

Your death has made every part of me numb
How could you have been so dumb?
Was driving around on meth
really worth your death?

I can't really hate because it was your fate.
I'm just scared,
scared to wake up and have to deal
Please tell me this shit ain't real!
Tell me its just a bad dream
or so it seems!

You left me,
left me without saying goodbye!
Now I'm left to cry
With the question of why?

This is a poem i wrote about my boyfriend when he died in sept 19th 2004.RIP JEFF! I love you and always will! please rate my poem it would mean alot! and its OK if you like it or if you don't! Just let me know if its any good.


Submission date : 2005-03-21

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Latest comments

amber heatherly at 2005-03-29

Yesturday was my birthday and one of my friends died last night from overdosing on morphine and my other friend died from drinking and driving and two years ago my boyfriend died form driving under the influnce of drugs and just this week I got out of rehab so god trying to tell me thath I can't go back But this is a really good poem

~♥.razor.blade♥~ ( F C ) at 2006-12-21

This is a great poem..plesae comment and rate my poems.. i used to do meth! Im sooo sorry about your lose.. XX RAZOR

Stacy at 2007-05-05

Im a meth user myself and I just want to say your poem is real strong i like how it got straight to me ..i feel real bad to be doing this drug .

Angela Keebler ( C ) at 2007-11-18

I am very sorry for your loss. I am a recovering meth head and have also lost someone I loved because of meth. He was shot. I have several poems about meth and would love to hear what you think about them. Again good job and GOD bless.