I am sorry for your lossĀ©

by Destiny77

Although I may not like you anymore
that we haven't spoken in years,
when I saw you yesterday
My heart just went out to you

Your mom told me what happened
No mother should have to go through what you went through
I just wanted to wrap my arms around you and tell you that
I am so sorry for your loss

However be thankful that you have
my cousin as your fiancee
and Katie as your daughter
It just wasn't your time yet to have another baby
There was a reason behind why your loss
And although that we don't speak anymore,
I still care very much for you so.

Take all the time in the world for you to grieve for your loss
You do what you have to do
don't let what happen stop you
Someday you will be a mom of two.


Submission date : 2005-04-16

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