Not Being Wanted

by Kevin

How dreadful is the feeling of not being needed?
It is nowhere near as bad as the feeling of not being wanted.
When the tides fall quietly over the bleak shore,
You remember that you are not wanted and are just a sore.
Looking out the window is a bright and sunshine filled day,
But you sit here inside wishing you had someone whom with to play.
The ones around you are constantly mad and yelling,
Your head gets heavier and then it starts swelling.

Dare we to reach out to others for hope and care,
They shoot you with missiles as you fall through the air.
The ones we trust and hold most dear,
Are the ones that torment us and we fear.
Despite your best efforts you still feel alienated,
Because you still feel that you are not wanted.


Submission date : 2005-05-10

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Latest comments

Stephanie at 2005-12-31

Yeah it does suck to be alone on newyears eve but its all good i like your poem

.::PuNk PrInCeSS::. ( F P C ) at 2006-01-22

I hate that feeling it sucks!!! love ur poem realli good nd truthful...