by Iyla

Nothing has ever been the same
since that day you died
you were finally coming home
until that horrible accident took your life

you were my best friend
you helped me in so many ways
but even though your gone
i still remember you today

why did the bus have to crash
why were you the one taken away
i ask myself those questions
each and everyday

you were at a soccer tournament
you were the best on the team
i miss seeing you play
why does it have to be

you were so great
i just don't understand why you had to die,
you meant everything to me,
why couldn't God spare your life

i just hope my day will come
so i can see you soon
i just cant stand it anymore
i cant live without you

* R.I.P, Matthew McCoy Helms, July 13, 1990- April 18, 2004.
i just recently got a call saying my best friend was dead.... he was at a soccer tournament in France.. he was a great goalie, after he got a scholarship, and won 1st place, they were on their way home when the bus flipped, he was thrown out the window....he was the only one that died, so if you could please rate and comment this poem and "Never end.." it would be greatly appreciated thanks*


Submission date : 2005-06-02

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Latest comments

Wallace ( F P C D ) at 2007-04-22

A very sad poem, i enjoyed it, i always believed that sad poems were the best and you reminded me that.

Best Wishes

raeven at 2008-07-02

Im srry about him i have had some of my best friend takin too 5 accually

Rachel ( P ) at 2008-07-05

Thats Absolutly Fantastic.
Beautifully written, straight from the heart.
About a year ago, my best friend was also taken from me, due to drink drivers. I have made poems about him too. His name was also Matt.

God must have needed Some good angels to take them away!!

pat at 2008-08-17

I'm sorry for your loss, but everyone has them right. I'm sorry if I could only show empathy for I have never lost someone dear to me, and curse the day when it'll come, so now I hope you're feeling better.

I know what its like when losing a friend.

Great job on the poem! :D

Shay at 2008-10-20

This is a really great poem, and I'm so sorry about you're friend.

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