Daddy stop hurting me

by AnorexicDream

Daddy stop hitting me please
i need my pain to ease
u say my life is great
no it isn't but u hitting isn't fate
u ruined my life
so I'll reach for the knife
u yell
and watched as i "fell"
i want to take the gun
and start what shouldn't have begun
i hate u
more than u ever knew
u refuse to see
the pain that is me
the bruises that u cause
break so many f**king laws
so please stop it
I'm tired of this s**t
u ruin everything
and broke my being
i wish now to die
and i just sit and cry
my room door
u broke to the floor
u hit so much and so often
it'll be over when
daddy stop hitting please
it hurts, gees
tonight i will runaway
and there i will stay
maybe tonight i will die
and u i know will be like "why"
after all that u have done to me
and still u refuse to see
the pain that eats me away
the scars will forever stay
hate me, ill pay the fees
but daddy stop hitting please
the pain i can not take
ill go to sleep and will not wake
finally escape u
and all the pain u put me through
i hate u
and all the s**t u do
don't make me kill myself
I'll take my knife from the shelf
cut deeper and deeper u see
my soon to be dead body
daddy stop hitting me please
the pain just wont ease
the bruises started to fade
now they are a darker shade
first i lost him because of his dumb action
then u hit more just to get your own satisfaction
the pain now will never ease
daddy stop hitting me please


Submission date : 2005-07-05

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Rating : 4.5

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Latest comments

DarkCrimsonHaze ( F C D ) at 2005-08-06

So sad . it waz sad but very well written i loved it

DarkCrimsonHaze ( F C D ) at 2005-08-06

wiCKed transCendeNt poem :-)