You lied to me!


In the beginning
i thought that my life would be better with you in it
but one day i found out something very horrible
it was stuck in my head
i tried but i just couldn't get it out
my friends tried to help me and told me the truth
but then you said that you weren't
i didn't know who to trust
i didn't know who was really telling me the truth
i really wanted to believe you because you were my boyfriend
we were yelling at each other
i didn't know what else to say to you but I'm sorry
you always told me that i was the one for you
then we made up really fast because i couldn't stand yelling at you
cause i love you
you were thinking about why we were yelling earlier
you told me you just wanted to be friends
that broke my heart
you also told me that it was over forever and that i really wasn't the one for you
just because i got sad for that one thing
it really hurt me
my heart shattered into millions of pieces
i couldn't believe it
well even though you said that i wasn't the one for you
i still will no that you ARE the one for me no matter what
but i tell you
you WILL regret ever doing this to ME
ill still love you even though you don't love me

this really did happen
and if you were wondering what he did to me
he cheated on me
n our relationship just ended today
ill never forget this day
please rate and comment me
thank you


Submission date : 2005-08-30
Last edit : 2005-08-30

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kissmesoftly at 2005-08-30

I can tell you put alot of work into this poem. it is phenominal! it touched me. i cant wait to see more of your upcoming poetry. i might base some of my poetry on yours.