A Fathers Betrayal

by David

I sit and wonder
how does it feel?
To have a father
one that is real.

Through all of these years
Ive seen my father twice.
It feels as if
my hearts in a vice.

The times I seen him
all I did was cry.
I know its not right
but I wish he'd die.

He wanted no part
in my sad life.
So he left me
and his loving wife.

I have so much hate
built up inside of me.
Angry's what it is
that Ive come to be.

I do know one thing
when I have a kid.
I'll do the total opposite
of what my father did.


Submission date : 2005-09-04

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Rating : 4.6

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Latest comments

Go Away Rain. at 2005-09-04

This is a great poem, you can really feel the emotion and anger. I think you did a really wonderful job on this one.

XxCrazy4youxX ( F P C ) at 2005-09-04

~*That was so0o0o good and i know how you feel....well written and thanks for voteing on my poem...means alot...*~

Jennifer Woodall at 2006-01-07

Hey umm im jus goin to say something once ok and dontt ake em the wrong way but you know how you said all u had was ahte ? well i thought all i had in my heart was hate for my father and he died and i felt so bad b/c for years i wished him dead and now he is and it just hurts b/c my dad was like what you ahve explained and im sorry for that but you know theres only one guy that is you true blood dad and he will love you weather he shows it or not give him another chance before its too late

Edward D Zurovec ( F C D ) at 2007-09-19

Saddening to read this poem. You certainly have a right to be angry. Life comes at us hard at times and not always how we would like. Don't judge him to harshly though, through him you have become a pretty good Poet!
Peace and Blessings

Jacintha at 2007-10-10

Great poem,
only so sad.