Broken Home

by Bradley

A cacophonous noise, a scream a shout
An emotional argument i try to block out

An explosion of lies, all becoming the truth
A broken home filled with verbal abuse

I sit at the top of our flight of stairs
I can hear profanities about "people never care"

I cry out loud, longing it to cease
I shout to them both, begging them please

A blaspheme to god followed by swearing
This house is a massacre or people never caring

I need to get out, its all to much
I run back to my room, my pillow i clutch

A warm tear falls down my face
comforted by nothing but eternal disgrace

This home is loveless, please end soon
I cant take the shouting down in the front room


Submission date : 2005-09-14

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Megan at 2005-10-08

I really like it it sounds like my house is somtimes..check out my poem...i'm gonna post more soon


tiffany ( C ) at 2005-12-05

Wow i love this poem its so sad and amazing!!! keep up the work!!!

eric ( F P C ) at 2006-02-20

Hey man, once again awsome job, keep up the good work :D!