So hurt...

by Free Spirit

Every night I fall
asleep, thinking of
you till, you appear
in my dreams and we're
together again.

Until I wake
up saying your name
and though
I wish I could have you,
and that you Loved me like
I love you,

Yet I fight these feelings
I fight the pain...
To still be with you just
to even be friends...

Its not easy
talking to the one you love
and tell him, "I only love you
as a friend" when you really
love him more than anything
in this world and your dying
to be his girl.

Though days be passing
by and every night you shed your
tears because you can't
help it not longer, and your
no more stronger than you
used to be.

He becomes your
weakness and at times you just
want to scream out loud saying
what you feel for him.

This is the most strongest
feeling a girl or anyone
could have inside, this
is the way I felt for you, and I'll
remain the way I am, just a friend
even though I'm so hurt inside...


Submission date : 2005-11-26
Last edit : 2006-02-28

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Rating : 4.2

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Latest comments

Tine ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-26

Woow... Really nice poem. I totally understand how you feel in this poem. I had it too. Good advice : don't tell him. I told my best friend I was in love with him, and he didn't talk to me in about four months. But you have to tell one day, the day when it seems to be there forever stuck, when you love him soo much that you feel like dying.
Great, great poem... ;) feel free to comment or rate back, and if you want to talk, i'll be there for you.


painfully here at 2006-07-28

This poem is above freakin 5 i relate like you related to minez goosshh
guyz just don know but damn yea i love da poem on sum real ish...