Forever in our hearts

by Jason

On this day of sorrow,
We all miss your presence,
Hard to make it to morrow,
With your absence on our minds.

We weren't best friends,
But an impact you did make,
Our love for you transcends,
Hoping for you to awake.

Forever in our hearts,
That's where you'll always be,
Remembered for your smile,
And your genuine loving care.

For now we say,
See you soon,
Because you'll never be gone,
Always in our hearts forever on.

Rest in peace,
Our Italian Angel,
We'll meet again,
Where we can then embrace..


Submission date : 2005-12-06

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Votes : 7
Rating : 4.1

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Latest comments

Scarred at 2005-12-06

This poem is very lovely. Even though there is death involved it lifted me.. you did a good job.


©-Katherine ( F P C D ) at 2005-12-07

Ahh JASON! this poem is AWESOME!! i lovee itt... and im sorry for everything your going through lately..and this isnt helping..dont worry i miss her too...and just remember im always here to help to you..or anything...your my bestestestest friend in the wholeeeeee world, and ill do anything to see you wasnt fair what happened to one should have to die at the age of 15..well almost 16...but anyway...remmeber that i love you jason, you are my lifeeeee...and i canttt wait to see you today...heyy want to go to sycamore after school! its a half day remember..ahh anyway i better go! but ill see you soon...i loveee youuu soo much realyyy have no ideaaaa..and i know i say it a lot....but your awesome...i dont know what id to without you..youve gotten me through everything in my lifeee jpizzlee...your superrr


RIP--DS 12/3/05..