Christmas Without You

by Crystal

Christmas without you
Is going to be tough
It's going to be hard
It's going to be rough

Last year this time
You were right by my side
You were always there
Whenever I cried

This year without you
Will hurt me a lot
But I won't shed a tear
No I won't shed a drop

I'll act like I'm okay
I'll smile when I want to frown
I won't let this Christmas without you
Bring me down

Starting a new year without you
Will break my heart
But it's something I have do
It's something I have to start

I need to realize that you're gone
You're with someone new
I need to smile
And stop being blue

My heart is still broken
The peices are lost
You took them away
And you have to pay the cost

You break it You buy it
So it's yours to keep
Whether you want it or not
I'm in too deep

So I'll go on without you
But you still have my heart
You broke it you buy it
But don't tear it apart


Submission date : 2005-12-12

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»»..*§±åĉy*...«« ( F P C ) at 2005-12-12

Things will get better, this is really good but hope u're ok