How do i live without you?

by Dannielle

Tell me,
how can i possibly live without you?
is it possible?
i know i can't do it
it would be too hard
i cant imagine my life much more longer without you
I've gone this far, can i take more?
my hearts aching it really is
you said you followed your heart
just listen to your heart..
and it will tell you what to do
but sometimes your mind takes over
and you don't know what to do
thats how i feel right now,
i don't know what to do
and if i do go on longer, how am i going to survive?
what will pull me through?
it use to be you that pulled me through
but since you're not here, since you've stopped being with me
then who do i live for? and how?
i cant picture myself being with anyone else
i cant picture you being with anyone else
i just wish someone would say everything will be OK if we got together again
who knows what would happen?
another chance to see what would happen
thats what we need
but you cant help how you feel, i know.
I love you so much and you should really know that
i know you love me too, but you listened to your heart.
I'm so sorry if i cant go on any longer...


Submission date : 2006-01-11

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Latest comments

Elizabeth at 2006-01-11

I really enjoyed you're poem... good job! It reminds me of me and my ex... :( I miss him so much!