When Im GOne

by Levy

Think about me when I'm gone just know I've been there all along.to care for you and love you.just think about me when I'm gone.

we've known eachother for so long.please miss me when I'm gone you haven't noticed but i always cared

please look at me and tell me that you love me tell me that you care.tell me that you'll always be there tell me that you'll miss me when I'm not there.hold me and please don't let me go

i tried to say id die for you.you know i cant lie to you.please don't let me go.don't make me feel the cold.please don't say i love you.i know it will be harder if you do.

just promise me one thing,don't miss me when I'm gone.you truly cant believe that I'm gone


Submission date : 2006-03-04

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**CoUrTz_lUvInMaTt** ( F C ) at 2006-03-04

Eyy omg that is such a good poems it brought tearz to my eyes!!!! keep writing

love alwaiiiz courtney