If Only You Were Here

by Charlotte

We only met back in November
Your face, your smile, are hard to forget
You were one happy kid never did you regret the things you did
I had a bad day and you were right there to wipe away my tears
You stood by my side through all my troubles.
You better then a brother
More helpful then a boyfriend
This is why you were and still are my best friend
The day you left us, a part of me died
You don't realize the tears that we cry
I sometimes wonder
"Why did he take you?"
Baby you were so young and so carefree
You lived you life to the fullest, but babe you had so much left to live for
We still need you down here, but maybe god needs you more upthere
I hope you know you havn't been forgotten and you never will be
I love you and I always will

RIP Baby xox
Love always!


Submission date : 2006-04-22

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Rating : 4.5

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Latest comments

Danielle at 2006-04-23

This was a great poem!! I feel the same way about my best friend that I lost. Good Job!!! Keep writing!! You got my 5!!