GoodBye Grandma

by TotallyBlond!!!

Today something happened that I thought never would.
I wish it could be undone, oh, if it only could.

I realize the memories I've made will be all there is.
My grandmother's memories, mine and hers.

See, my grandmother's passed away today and will never be back.
And now it's moments with her that I will sadly lack.

she won't be here to see me get my license or my car.
See me go to prom or graduate, because he is so far.

But I guess she's in a better place.
she resides in Heaven, and is surrounded by God's grace.

Now she can watch over me throughout the night and day.
And I can pretend that she's not really away.

she can stay with me in a place inside my heart.
And of me, she can still be a part.


Submission date : 2006-05-06
Last edit : 2006-05-21

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Latest comments

TotallyBlond!!! at 2006-05-21

Ur poem was very good and emoional i had grandma that died to..........