Y You Treat Me...


Y You Treat Me this way. I really

don't want to say. And the only day.

Where I'm happy & i sway. But after

that i wanna yell & say hey--- Y

You Treat Me so bad. I wish i had

a better man that doesn't make

me mad. Or sad.

Y do you treat me like this. It gets

on my nerves man to have to ball

up my fist * swing it like a fan.

Y you treat me so bad i so wish i

had another man & not be sad to

be so mad

Y you treat me

why me

out of all people me

how can this be

& happen to me.

You treat me!!


Submission date : 2006-10-12

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

just keenan ( F P C D ) at 2006-12-17

Good job it has some spirit in it i love it and i just wanted to sayh thx i noticed that u commented on one of my poems a while ago and i didnt know if i had commented back lol i aint that good at remembering things well anyways great job here i loved it