Last Good-bye (Salem Witch Trials)

by UnwrittenTragedy

Huddled in the darkness
She needs a place to hide
Accused and threat of hanging
Her heartbeat quickens inside
She glances out the window
Of her tiny little shack
Her breath is very labored
And sweat drips down her back
Shadows all around her
She knows it wont be long
Til they drag her to the gallows
And she sings her goodbye song
Fifty three other people
Will hang the same as she
And one hundred and seventy three other wait
To see what their fate might be
Banging on the window
Knocking on the door
She cowers in the corner
And tears fall to the floor
She knows the time is coming
Her end is drawing near
And as the door begins to open
She wipes away a tear.
They drag her up to gallows hill
And as she hangs there from the rope
She's just another falsely accused
Just one more without a hope.


Submission date : 2006-11-20
Last edit : 2006-11-20

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Erikah ( C ) at 2007-03-14

This is SOOOO Good!!! I love how the poem flows and i love your topic. I think that everyone should about that error in time.