Rest In Peace

by Caytii

This isnt a poem everybody. this is a real story that just happened tonight november 24, 2006. Paige Backer, a friend of mine from school, was driving with her friend--Kiley Ramey--Paige was driving and she wasnt paying attention to the road. she looked up and realized that she was off the road and overcorrected the car and the car (ford explorer) rolled into the ditch. Luckily, Paige jumped out of the drivers side before the car crushed her. Unfortunately, Kiley was killed instantly because the explorer landed right on top of her and crushed her. Paige had bad injuries, and now is very guilty for it. Life goes by too fast to be joking around and having fun. Life isnt a game. You can either live it, or get it taken away. She had a great future ahead of her, and she was killed tonight. Im sorry this had to happen to you Kiley. We love you Kiley!

Kiley Ramey, you will be greatly missed. ~Rest in Peace~
Nov. 24, 2006


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