Even though your gone

by Cheyenne

Even though your gone, your still in my heart.
i loved you the day you left me, and right from the start.
even though your gone, your still my baby brother.
God didn't take me, cuz someone needed to stay and love mother.
even though your gone, ill be with you soon.
& whenever i miss you, all i have to do is look to the moon.
even though your gone, I'm still breathing and living season by season.
& don't be sad your not here, because mom and dad once said everything happens for a reason.
even though your gone, we will never forget the day, April 8th of 1994
your death is something nobody could ever ignore.
even though your gone, i wish just once again i could see your smile.
but i know i will soon, if only for a while.


Submission date : 2006-12-03
Last edit : 2007-11-25

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SexyLesbian ( F C ) at 2006-12-03

I love your poem. This is so sad but I loved it. I hope you keep writing more.