RIP grandpa

by James

I picked up the phone
and heard her voice, paniky and frantic
i handed it to my father
and he rushed to the house
sitting here hoping the best but
thinking the worst
as i hear the door open my heart dropped
then i heard it......"he's gone" with the tears in his face
i was shocked
hoping this was a dream, wanting this to be un real
but its not
now he is gone and i can't do anything
ill miss u grandpa
i love you

RIP Granpa Jack Hewitt 12/3/06


Submission date : 2006-12-03

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Latest comments

tiffany ( C ) at 2006-12-03

Aww im sorry. i know and completely understand wat ur goin thro, my grandma just died a ffew weeks ago :-\


Ellie at 2006-12-03

Tiffany, im sorry about your grandpa.
i know what it's like to lose someone you're close with.
i lsot my mother 5 years ago to lukemia when i was 10. i miss her alot. it still hurts to think that shes gone forever. i wrote one about her in the family section.
my deepest regards to your family

KAYLA at 2008-08-17

I know the feeling to loose ur whole life and when my grandpa died all i could do was stand by hopelessly and cry i lost my grandpa in 2003 and 4 years latter i lost my little girl i was 5 months pregnant and i was heart broken again just when i finaly let go i was left in tears again missen the one thing in life i never thought god would take from me my heart and soul goes to u and ur family and to all the others who lost there family and or friends that were so close to them