I miss you grandpa

by Jennifer

I miss my grandpa, his smile and laugh,
the way he kid around with us kids.
Drove us to places we haven't been in a while,
dreaming of a fantasy in being in a place called heaven.
I know your not gone but in a better place,
God why did you have to take him away so quick i didn't even get to tell him goodbye.
Now every-time i try to go to sleep,
i think about him one last time before i close my eyes.
I know your in a happier place,
you were getting old and very tired.
But i cant stay sad all along,
just cry when I'm sad.
Say a prey before i got to sleep,
dream of you.
One day ill be with you again.
In loving memory of roger Leo cloud.

I just want you to know ill do my best,
in life to to make you proud!


Submission date : 2007-01-05
Last edit : 2007-01-05

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