She's Gone(I miss her so much)

by Samantha

I have to say good-bye to her,
i guess it was her time to go, yet she still had so much to grow.
I have had her for 5 years, i guess 5 years was just to long, but as the tears come down my face i feel a part of me is gone.
She was my love,
she was my pride,
she was my everything that was once mine.
My memories will never fade, my dreams of her are here to stay.
I wish she could talk i would have a say, i would tell her i love her and i think about her everyday.
But, today is the day, a day i will remember,
today is the day i have lost a family member.
PLEASE rate and comment my poem. This poem is dedicated to my cat who had to be put down April,6,2007


Submission date : 2007-04-10
Last edit : 2007-04-12

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