My Suicide Letter

by INeverKnew

It's something more than what you hear,
It's loneliness, heartache, pain, and fear.
You may think it's stupid what I do,
If you only knew what I was going through.
Each day would pass with pain and sorrow,
Only wishing for death by tomorrow.
I wanted to end my life,
So I started by using a knife.
To commit suicide was what I've been trying to do,
Don't try to stop me this doesn't involve you.
You may think you're helping but you're not,
I'll kill myself ...I'll go to hell and rot.
Don't worry about the tears I cry at night,
Even if you don't think what I'm doing is right.
I don't want to put all this on you,
But if you tell anyone that's just what I'll do.
I hate my life it will never get better,
So I guess you can call this...My Suicide Letter


Submission date : 2007-04-22

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Sammy ( P ) at 2007-04-23

I really <3 this poem. 5/5