Please Come Home Tonight.

by Not Bulletproof

I hate the way that you make me sad,
and all the pain you've put me through.
It burns inside when I think of this,
and it breaks my heart to think of you.

I don't understand; why don't you understand?
Can't you think of other thoughts than bad?
You bring me down and tear up my hopes.
Boy, why are you trying to make me mad?

I'm burning up in anger over here,
resisting the urge to cry for what I need;
I've been laying in bed all day waiting,
waiting for you to come back home to me.

For some reason you found a reason
to be pissed off and hating my face,
so you're as far away as you can be;
off somewhere in a distant space.

I'm acting like a punching bag for you,
to say and do whatever you please.
But soon my seams will rip and I will fall,
so I'll be left to cry upon my broken knees.

I want to stand up for myself so bad,
but what will that accomplish in this?
I will not drive you further from me,
because all I want is your sweet kiss.

Though you're far away, I will always wait,
because you are what I've always waited for.
You were my dreams and though you're mine,
I still wait for you to come through the door;
to come back home to me tonight.

Sarah Gammon ©

I miss you, Jay.
Thanks for reading -xxx-.


Submission date : 2007-04-29

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Latest comments

LonelyKnights at 2007-04-29

IM sorry love, all i wait for is your phone call, to bring me to you once more.