by Sophia

Clouds are rolling in
Sky is darkening
The Earth is still
Storms like these can kill.

Everyone runs for shelter
Kids are crying, dogs are yelping
And animals running scared
Good for me, no one cared.

I am not afraid, I love this!
I love the rain, the strong winds,
the strikes of lightening
This is one I can't miss.

I stand in the middle of the road
Waiting for the rain to start
The wind is strong, not enough though
The sirens go off and I can hear my heart.

The rain falls hard and heavy, it doesn't hurt
I have been beaten since I was small
And i never knew happiness existed
I hardly knew what it was called.

"Before I die I want happiness"
And now that i have it, I must leave
Let the wind, water and debris take me,
Wherever in the world that may be.


Submission date : 2007-06-05
Last edit : 2007-06-06

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Latest comments

Jessica Gandara ( F P C ) at 2007-06-06

Interesting, but I love it! Great adjectives. Very descriptive. Have a great, blessed day.