Happy birthday & R.I.P.

by Lobna

Happy birthday my dearest friend
have a great day in heaven
when u were gone it wasn't the end
because I'll remember u until we meet again
I never forgot u & I never will
I remember u everyday
I still remember everything u used 2 say
I remember your moves I remember your way
I remember the time I prayed & asked God 2 make u stay
& I'll never forget the moment I knew u went away
that day when the tears were running on my face
telling me u lost someone you'll never replace
that day when I wished I was in your place
& after a long time the stars smiled again, the skies rained, & it was snowing
when I realized u r somewhere we're all going
Rest in peace & wait 4 me I promise I'll come 2 u
just wait & you'll see that when I promise something I do.


Submission date : 2007-09-21

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Latest comments

Mums Pink Princess ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-22

Awww thats really good, take kare x

lobna at 2007-09-22

Thanks a lot...u 2 take care