I cant do it anymore...

by Molly Maree

Its Christmas time,
and i wake up and your not there,
first Christmas with you gone,
i cant do it anymore,

We laughed so much,
cried alot also,
we had our fights,
and our happy times too,

But i just cant do it anymore,
You were my mother,
my life,
my strength and my world,

It just wasn't the same,
No wrapped presents this year,
No waking up at 3,
no candy or lollies either,

You meant so much to me,
and i was wrong for telling you you meant nothing,
i didn't mean to hurt your feelings,
i didn't mean to be like i was,

i was only only young
i didn't no what i was saying,
I'm sorry,
i wish i could take it back,

but no now i cant,
its too late,
i didn't even get to say bye,
and now Ive suffered with out you here by my side,

I went to see you today,
i left decorations and flowers too,
i dont like seeing you this way
i cant do it anymore

i dont like looking at a plaque to say hello
to tell you i love you
its just not the same
no cuddles or kisses anymore

What am i to do?
no best friend,
no strength,
I can live this world this life,

Its just to hard,
to scared,
to cold,
i just cant do it anymore with out you here!

I wanna be with you,
i wanna lay down peacefully and smile with you
laugh with you
most of all be with you!

R.I.P Mum!


Submission date : 2007-12-26

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Mums Pink Princess ( F P C D ) at 2007-12-27


really really moving poem, well done xx hugs xxx