Last day of school

by Lelit

Last time i get to see your face
Its the last day of school
Last time your footsteps I'll get to trace
I love you, your so cool

I love u so much
so much that words cant express
but its the last day of school
and all i can say is "i guess"

i guess its goodbye
i guess there's no more "hi"
i guess I'll be unhappy
i guess summer brakes going to be crappy

~Lelit, I'm 13!!!~

~ sorry i didn't finish it...~


Submission date : 2004-07-23

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Rating : 4.0

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Latest comments

becca at 2004-07-23

i thought it was cute....nice job

becca at 2004-07-23

thought it was cute...good job

Lelit ( P C ) at 2004-07-23