Ride or die

by Kacey

You'll never know or comprehend exactly what u mean to me, I'm down for u, u down for me, ur more than just a friend to me. When no one else would have my back u took me in up out the cold, Other ni99az try to mack, but my love for u never gets old. Your my whole world, I'm your baby girl, nothin will ever change this. I gave u hell u dropped some shells at ni99az tryana play wit sh!t. Its u and I, we ride or die and everyone knows this is true. To love and adore forever more and when u ask I'll say "I do"


Submission date : 2006-03-28

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Latest comments

Rodney B. ( F ) at 2006-03-30

I'm jus tired Kacey. Life is not going too well. i've been feeling sick and i jus can't think any more. i've been feeling like this since last Friday. and also i do remember the poem.. i jus did'nt want to remeber it. reading it hurts.