Funnest Contest Ever!

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    Ok, So Heres The Thing.
    Im Going To Give You Randome Song Titles, And Then You Have To Write A Poem (No Longer Than 20 Lines, Dont Let Them Drag On And On) Short And Sweet! :D They CANT Be Poems You Already Submitted Somewhere In The Site, That Bugs Me:P Anyways.. :)
    The Deadline Will Be: November 11th at 11:11pm(: NO LATER, I WILL NOT EXTEND THE DEADLINE (: Get It Done:D

    1st Place: 20 COMMENTS; 25 RATES; 1 NOMINATION!
    2nd Place:15 COMMENTS; 20 RATES
    3rd Place: 10 COMMENTS;15 RATES
    ~~Good Deal?~~
    4th Through 6th Place: 3 COMMENTS; 5 RATES
    7th And Up: 1 Comment; 3 Rates!
    So Everybody Wins!!!!!!
    And I Will Put Your Order From Best To.. Not Best!:) Im Shur Everyone Will Submit GREAT Poems.


    Somewhere With You- Kenny Chesney
    -Everlasting [Submitted]
    -Lofallenve [submitted]

    Consider Me Gone- Reba
    -Tara Kay[Submitted]
    Dont Stop Beleiving- Journey
    -Larry Chamberlin The Godfather
    If Your Reading This- Tim Mcgraw
    -Tara Kay[Submitted]
    God Gave Me You- Blake Shelton
    -Innocent Fairy[Submitted]
    Windflower- Jane Deer Girls
    -Innocent Fairy [Submitted]
    -The Poetess
    Gunpowder and lead- Miranda Lambert
    -Savior Of Broken Dreams [Submitted]
    -Larry Chamberlin The Godfather

    Crazy Girl- Eli Young Band
    If I Could Write A Letter To Me- Brad Paisley
    -Lebanese Phoenix[Submitted]
    -The Poetess[Submitted]
    Want More Titles? Ask Me!
    If You Dont Know The Songs, Look Em' Up On Youtube, There Greeaaatt Songs! :) Touching Songs!

    2 Titles Per Person, POEM MUST HAVE THE SONG TITLE IN IT! :))))))

    Gooooood Luckkk!!!

  • Finding myself
    6 years ago

    May i please have gunpowder and lead

  • L
    6 years ago

    Somewhere with you, please!!

  • MyaEve
    6 years ago

    Crazy Girl, please(:

  • Amreen
    6 years ago

    If I could write a letter to me....

  • Decayed
    6 years ago

    If I Could Write a Letter To Me... plz :)

  • nourayasmine
    6 years ago

    If I could write a letter to me

    God gave me you

    please. :)

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    Of Coarse, To Everyone:)

  • Jessie
    6 years ago

    Consider me gone

    if your reading this


  • Finding myself
    6 years ago


    Your smile leaves an impression on my eyelids
    As I close them for the night of horrid dreams
    Of monsters and demons that chase me away
    And you are placed delicately at the blackened alter
    So please tell me you love me as I'm drowning
    The sorrow is too much and I'm gripping at the light
    The stars are falling with my tears hitting the ground
    And the farther I am pulled with fear and anger
    It fills me as I burst with laughter and realize
    That the gun powder and lead that I have hid
    Will finally bring me closer to holding your hand
    Closer to you filling my heart again with your presence
    And I hold my gun up high and and pray
    As I pull the trigger against my skin, I burst..
    From this awful nightmare..

  • L
    6 years ago

    Let me see if I understood correctly. Can I submit two poems? One with one title and the other with another.

  • Jessica
    6 years ago


  • L
    6 years ago

    "Somewhere with you"

    There are shattered pieces of glass
    As I look through the window pane
    That reminds me of how my life
    Used to be, before you crossed my path.

    I can see my reflection over them
    And immediately, thoughts of you pop on
    Making me remember the old good times;
    Those wonderful moments we had.

    As I find myself alone staring at your picture frame
    I grab my jacket and I go out, to meet someone
    who can take you out from my heart and mind.

    but memories keep coming back and I wonder
    What happened between you and I?

    Why aren't we together?
    If my minds keeps on streaming the memories we create it.
    And my heart beats faster as soon as your name its mention.

    What happened between you and I?
    I don't know, I just need you in my life.
    I just wish I could be "somewhere with you"
    instead of trying so hard to abate you from my heart.

    And my next title if possible

    Consider me gone by Reba ^_^

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    Defenitally Everlasting!:)

    ..And Netasha..
    I Can Accept That.
    I'd Appriciate If You Would Edit That And Erase It All.
    Posssibly write A Poem, thats yours.

  • Decayed
    6 years ago

    If I Could Write A Letter To Me

    If I could write myself
    a letter,
    I wouldn't embark
    with a tone of gratefulness,
    neither would I be formal,
    in any sense.

    I would only leave
    the paper empty,
    for the void in my heart
    cannot be occupied
    with jagged words
    and falsity encrusted lines.

    If I could write a letter to me,
    I would spill my ink
    all over, for I know

    I cannot be written.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    6 years ago

    Netasha's post has been deleted for violation of rule against obscenity.

  • Jessie
    6 years ago

    If You're Reading This

    A dozen roses arrived at a doorstep today
    attached was a small, handwritten note.
    A young woman found the bouquet,
    with delecate hands, she opened the envelope.

    "I have sent a dozen roses, two of each colour,
    they mean more than my words alone.
    Let's start with the pinks, as gentle as you,
    Begging you to believe me, forget what you know.

    Next are the yellows, as bright as your smile,
    Which take us to the beginning, at our friendship.
    and take a look at the corals, as blue as your eyes,
    symbolizing the burning desire to touch your lips.

    These red roses, they say that I love you,
    I said it, and I mean it, you have my heart.
    These lavender roses, that smell sweet like you,
    first glance. I've loved you from the start.

    If you are reading this, believe these white roses,
    they cry upon my soul that I appologise."
    "Please accept my appology." was all he said
    as he walked out of the dark with tears in his eyes.

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    Thank You Guys!

    And Thank You Larry!
    I Appriciate It! :)

  • L
    6 years ago

    Consider me gone. ( from her to him.)

    I'm not a simple toy
    that you can buy from the store.

    I'm not a prey
    that you can pick from the herd.

    I'm a human being
    made of flesh and bones.

    if you came to tell me that all was a joke.
    you can go directly to the back door.

    I don't want to see you
    you broke what i call
    the most important organ
    that god gifted me, when I was born.

    My heart is shattered
    and I don't know where to go
    I know you will not miss me
    even if I am gone.

    From this moment on, consider me gone.
    even if you beg me, I will not come
    because you played with my heart
    And now I'm badly hurt.

  • Britt
    6 years ago

    With Windflower.... the song is called Wildflower..

    I'd take Wildflower if I can.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    6 years ago

    I would like
    Dont Stop Believing- Journey and
    Gunpowder and Lead- Miranda Lambert

    Larry Chamberlin

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    Of Coarse!:)

  • Innocent Fairy
    6 years ago

    Can I have Windflower and God gave me you
    Please and thank you :)

    Amazing contest by the way :)

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    But Of Coarse!:))))))))

    And Thank Youuu So Muchh!


  • nourayasmine
    6 years ago

    Jesssiiiii, you have so cute cheeks! :D
    I wrote the poems ;P

    If I could write a letter to myself

    I don't have
    the mail address
    to my soul,
    nor do I even have
    whatever called

    has been embracing
    my poetry
    for a hundred years
    ago, kissing
    the way my words

    and if I was to write
    a letter to myself,
    to the slender
    routine lingering
    upon my shelf.

    I'd say in brief

    -Why are you so cold?

  • Lofallenve
    6 years ago

    Could I have "Somewhere with you" and "if you're read this" ?:)

    Somewhere with you
    I know that when I hear the sound of shot glasses
    Echoing loud on the marble counter-top.
    That I will be away, so far away
    Away somewhere with you.
    The empty halls I stumble down are so silent
    Without the sound of your laughter bouncing around
    I can't quite seem to wrap my mind around the simple fact
    Of your presence being gone, that left me alone in a cold
    Such a cold world, where warmth is but a mere fairy tale.
    I know that weeping won't bring you around no more,
    I know that screaming your name in a drunken stupor,
    Won't make you magically appear whispering my name.
    I know that falling asleep with a whore tonight, wishing
    Desperately it was you, won't make you appear by morning.
    So just for now, just for this mere moment of my weakness,
    I'll close my eyes, fall asleep alone tonight, dreaming of
    Being nowhere with you, being somewhere with you,
    I don't care, just anywhere will do.

  • Innocent Fairy
    6 years ago

    "Autumn Flower" (the title)

    Blow me a kiss through
    the sweet autumn winds
    for you're colors hypnotize me

    Twirl me around,
    spin around the leafs
    and hug me as the night sleeps

    Whisper from the deep
    from within you're heart speak
    into my soul you keep,
    seep into my heart
    with sweet words I seek

    I love you, is what you whisper
    so lovely as you kiss my cheek
    I love you is what you say
    while my lips you gently kiss

    Swirling around me
    you're sweet autumn winds
    dear autumn flower,my wildflower
    forever I'll keep you
    in a sweet lullaby

  • Britt
    6 years ago


    From a distance, I saw you
    playing with wind whipped hair
    nestling her head
    snugly against your shoulder,
    and it was in that moment
    I knew there had to be some sort of hope
    for ever lasting love.

    I couldn't help but watch you
    for another couple minutes,
    and smiled as she did
    when you handed her a bunch
    of handpicked wildflowers -
    your simple sweetness
    somehow made our days complete.

  • Innocent Fairy
    6 years ago

    Please disregard the (Â) for I did edit like 5 times and there just not going away,,,they are not part of the poem

    Thanxs :)

  • Innocent Fairy
    6 years ago

    "A Lovely Blessing"
    Song-God gave me you

    I must have done something right
    I must have shined bright
    God must have gave me foresight
    for you are an amazing guy
    sweet and romantic you can be
    I have come to like you a lot
    and I pray every night
    God must have blessed me
    because God gave me you
    who shines like stars in a foggy night
    fills my world with delight
    and my life a fantastic sunrise
    everything in life has meaning
    a purpose for everything
    and I must have done something right
    because God blessed me
    and God gave me you

  • nourayasmine
    6 years ago

    Can I change 'God gave me you'?

  • Tara Kay
    6 years ago

    Can I take "Consider me gone" and "If you're reading this"?
    Please and thanks

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    Yess You Can.:)

    and Of Coarse! :D

  • Tara Kay
    6 years ago

    Consider Me Gone


    are the core of all
    manner of emotions
    my voice
    only speaks through the ink
    upon a page
    written with memories
    of days
    amidst your secluded heart, girl

    You treat my practices
    with a humble existence
    yet you exclude the truth
    a dream,
    though I was a fool
    to my naive mind

    now, I have wandered amongst
    the lies and betrayal
    for too long,
    you must consider me gone, girl
    for I am lost amidst your
    wordless world,
    consider me gone

  • Tara Kay
    6 years ago

    If you're reading this

    Open those eyes for just a second,
    watch me upon my knees,
    the tears dripping recklessly
    upon my whitewashed cheeks,
    but do not pity me.

    Hear my cries almost silent
    underneath the
    rain soaked sky
    but do not pity me.

    Open those eyes for just a second
    and see what you have made,
    God, if you are reading this,
    bring me home, please.

  • nourayasmine
    6 years ago

    Then I'd take Wildflower, lovely cheeks.

  • Jessica
    6 years ago


    I'll Do Whatever Poems Have Been Submitted!
    Im Not Extending The Deadline:)

    Resaults Should Be Up Over The Weekend! :D

    ^^I Feel Like I Just Spelt All That Wrong^^ Haha

    Get Em Innnn! :))))))))

    Im Excitedd!!!!

  • Jessica
    6 years ago

    I Think 7 More Poems Need To Be Submitted By Tonight!!!!!