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I'm a fairly happy person, I feel smiling is contagious and everyone should be able to feel the joy of a true smile.

I ride English style, I used to do hunter/jumper, but my horse is 23 now, so he's in pleasure riding retirement. His name is Mac and he's a thoroughbred.

I think that's all. Aside from I love to have stuff commented on and I usually return the favour:) Also, if you feel a comment I made is worth praising, I would appreciate that.

Have an enjoyable day:)

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Latest Poems By Jessie

  • Taking each photo down
    Slowly, one by one...

  • I'm unsure where to go from here
    Nothing seems clear...

  • I'm still alive,
    My heart still beats...

  • You, you took away all that I had
    you destroyed me inside and out...

  • Roses (2)

    A dozen roses arrived at a doorstep today
    attached was a small, handwritten note...

Latest Quotes By Jessie

  • I will love you until I catch the shooting star that brought us together.

    13 years ago
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  • Love is like a white rose. Not matter what, it will always die.

    15 years ago
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  • It's a sad love that was never meant to be, and athough desire runs strong, society runs stronger

    15 years ago
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