If I Were..

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    Choose a person you would want to be and what you would have done or changed..if i were George Bush, i would tell the American republic what realy happened on september 11, 2001.

  • dan
    6 years ago

    Paul. You were nine years old on 9/11/01. What do you remember George Bush telling you? Or, did you read what he said? Perhaps you had someone tell you what he had said was the cause. Reality is, Mr. President Bush did not know what happened or what the cause was. But he had an idea and he was not far off base in his thinking. Reality is The renegade radicals of a religion devised a rule of engagement for those who do not think as they do. They do not believe in freedoms like you and I do. They believe because we think as free people think we are dangerous to their beliefs and threaten their way of life. Which is to control their masses.
    They control every aspect of a humans existence with their rules of law. They have their own rules for punishments such as cutting off hands and feet. Blinding. Circumcision of young girls. If you try to become of a deferant religion you are put to death. Death is by burying you up to your waste and having people throw stones at you until you succumb to those injuries.
    Over the years some have become more civilized and those who have have societies in which these rules have become either banned or at least more lenient and more decided upon before action is taken place.
    The ones who cause the attacks on the world trade center are the radical worst of their religion. Their excuses and why they gain such favor of western hate is because of their propaganda supported by those who hate freedom and support any cause that runs in favor of their ideology.
    The west is blamed for steeling and corrupting their way of life. Even though every country that uses their oil pays for it and it is controlled by the Arab world themselves it is made to believe that the west is taking what they want. The west is blamed for steeling land and giving it to the Jewish people even though The Jewish people had lived on and occupied these lands in question for as long thousands of years as do the Arabs lay claim. The Jews have stolen nothing. The west has stolen nothing. Palestine was an are not a country.
    Why do they attack us? Why do they blow up airplanes? Why do they blow up restaurants, buses, cars, shopping malls churches and citagons and yes even each other, Sunni, shite hate. Their quest is for world dominance of their religious beliefs.
    Demonstrated this past year in Egypt. The people had an uprising. Their quest was for a free society patterned much like the free societies of the west. When in fact the people were being set up to provide vehicle for a much more restrictive society demonstrated now by th military which supports organizations that implement those ancient rules of law to which only a closed society will prevail if let be. Shown now by the killing of Christians. Pity the deaths occurred by the ones who thought they were dieing for a good cause. Some of us knew it from th beginning the media did not. Or didn�t want you to know.
    Summery. We will never be rewarded for what we are that is we are not anymore cherished for being free being the protectors of that freedom and we are not welcome to society�s to which freedoms are to be damned.. The hate is from those who want to dominate and control the masses the loudest and the most of enemies of freedom. Only those who realize and understand freedom will support us in this unfriendly world.
    We were attacked by a vicious radical element of a religion that can not believe in honoring humanity for humanity sake but only by hate.

    History is a great tool if written and taught as history teaches. To distort history is to ignore the existence of mankind and lay ground work for fools.

    answer to your question, some of us do know.

    -Edited to remove a statement that was directed at the religion as a whole, rather than a radical portion of it.

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    Thanks for sheding some light, maybe my example was wrong, i should have gone with another one, its only that i watch alot of conspiracy videos, i know the radical extremists were the cause but couldnt that have been avoided.

  • The Princess
    6 years ago

    Thank you, Dan (Donald?), for turning my country, region and religion into a horror film. I sometimes wish things were that exciting. I believe you forgot to add that we get to eat a finger everyday for breakfast, which is kind of a religious tradition that has an eastern-something to it stating that you can not have a finger of the same sex for two consecutive days. Also, you can not have tumb except on fridays. we're big on fridays here, special things are for fridays and hence the tumbs. Sadly, we're forbiden to eat any nail(s) or we get cursed and grow, well I can't think of anything right now, but you get the point. P.s. I'm just kidding :D

    ''We will never be rewarded for what we are that is we are not anymore cherished for being free being the protectors of that freedom and we are not welcome to society's to which freedoms are to be damned.. Only those who realize and understand freedom will support us in this unfriendly world.''

    Actually not, the key word here is ''interests'' not freedom. It is always interests under fancy words as freedom, peace, humanitarian aid and protecting whatsoever. Thing is, sometimes the interests suit both sides but others it doesn't.

    As to matters about Egypt, you've got it totally wrong, I sent you a pm clearing these points (I hope), since this post is long enough without my adding more to it.


    Paul, If it was indeed bin laden who was behind 9/11 then I can say for certain that the case was neither a relgious nor freedom fighting one. Actually I'll provide you with a the link to a transcript of his speech for you to get the picture from the horse's mouth, like you guys say there. It was simply revenge, blind revenge, that cost us all too much, of course, but it could have been avoided I believe had the decisions taken been different, more fair or neutral. That's part of his speech.

    ''I couldn't forget those moving scenes, blood and severed limbs, women and children sprawled everywhere. Houses destroyed along with their occupants and high rises demolished over their residents, rockets raining down on our home without mercy....And as I looked at those demolished towers in Lebanon, it entered my mind that we should punish the oppressor in kind and that we should destroy towers in America in order that they taste some of what we tasted and so that they be deterred from killing our women and children. And that day, it was confirmed to me that oppression and the intentional killing of innocent women and children is a deliberate American policy. Destruction is freedom and democracy, while resistance is terrorism and intolerance.''

    Here is the link for the full speech: http://worldpress.org/Americas/1964.cfm

    Disgusting? yes. sick? yes. but it isn't because we are uncivilized monsters that feed on human beings' suffering and pain. Also, it is far from religious. Almost everywhere there are people who ask peacefully for their rights and other that resort to terror and violience, even in the USA when the black people, for example, were demanding equal rights there were those who asked peacefully for it and others who didn't. We can not sterotype a whole region or religion because of the acts of a certain few that do not even represent either.

    Anyway, to get the whole picture on Bin laden and the middle east you'd have to read two books, provided you're interested of course, one by robert fisk called The Great War for Civilisation which actually has a lot of details about bin laden's begining, interviews with him and extermly important events concerning the last 30+ years or more. The other book is A peace to end all peace by David Fromkin which talks about the middle east as we know it today and how it was formed, or rather planned and mapped by the west. let me share two parts from the second book.

    ''The year 1922 seems to me to have been the point of no return in setting the various clans of the Middle East on their collision courses, so that the especial interest and excitement of the years with which this book is concerned, 1914 through 1922, is that they were the creative, formative years, in which everything seemed (and may indeed have been) possible. It was a time when Europeans, not implausibly, believed Arab and Jewish nationalism to be natural allies; when the French, not the Arabs, were the dangerous enemies of the Zionist movement; and when oil was not an important factor in the politics of the Middle East. By 1922, however, the choices had narrowed and the courses had been set; the Middle East had started along a road that was to lead to the endless wars (between Israel and her neighbors, among others, and between rival militias in Lebanon) and to the always-escalating acts of terrorism (hijacking, assassination, and random massacre) that have been a characteristic feature of international life in the 1970s and 1980s.''

    ''Few Europeans of Churchill's generation knew or cared what went on in the languid empires of the Ottoman Sultan or the Persian Shah. An occasional Turkish massacre of Armenians would lead to a public outcry in the West, but would evoke no more lasting concern than Russian massacres of Jews. Worldly statesmen who privately believed there was nothing to be done would go through the public motions of urging the Sultan to reform; there the matter would end. Petty intrigues at court, a corrupt officialdom, shifting tribal alliances, and a sluggish, apathetic population composed the picture that Europeans formed of the region's affairs. There was little in the picture to cause ordinary people living in London, or Paris, or New York to believe that it affected their lives or interests. In Berlin, it is true, planners looked to the opening up of railroads and new markets in the region; but these were commercial ventures. The passions that now drive troops and terrorists to kill and be killed -- and that compel global attention -- had not yet been aroused.''

  • Dark Secrets
    6 years ago


    I also disagree with the huge statement you just made. We are people just like you. You have clearly fallen into the hole which the media has dug for you, you are brainwashed. Come to our lands and I dare you to see what you have just explained as the Arab world, give me evidence to what you say. Watch our news and see what we talk about and what we are going through. I have seen images and heard American solders talking about the war on Iraq and what they done, some of them didn't handle what they done, because they were attacking civilians. As for Lebanon, I stopped watching the news because of the images I saw, I saw babies, babies who were torn up to pieces and blackened because of Israel. I dare you to go to Palestine and tell me what you see of these people you defend.

    You talk about our differences, I will not be like you... I will talk about our similarities. We all are human beings, we all live on this planet, we all eat, drink, sleep and go about our lives, we all have internet. Sure we have our differences and we argue about them, but that doesn't mean we hate each other... my country is currently one of the countries with a revolution, we Sunni and Shia are together in this and we love each other, just last week a Sunni teacher brought some sweets to give out in the name of a Shia ceremony.

    I and many others in this cyber world have friends who are atheists, jew, christian, buddist and other religions and we work together and bond naturally, because we are humans.

    We do not hate jews, we do not hate Christians and we do not hate any other religion or sect, because we believe that mankind is created with differences to connect and understand each other and that is a statement in the Quran.

    Have you actually been with or been introduced to Arabs/Muslims (which are not the same by the way) and actually made friends with them? I doubt it.

  • Britt
    6 years ago

    He didn't say all. He said radical.

  • dan
    6 years ago

    People read and hear what they only want to read and hear. Saying the media sends a negative message is fallacy. On the contrary they are the defenders of terrorist activities and the enemy of the Jewish. Sad when reported Israel kills 9 aboard a boat that ran a blockade and then in turn only by passes the 4000 Syrian citizens who have died at the hands of a monster government.
    Who was called upon to defend from ghaddafies atrocities? Egypt was promised a form of government that would provide a more free future and people died grasping for that dream yet to have a military protect the very system that breeds Al-quada, Hezbukkah,Hamas.
    1914/1922 Is exactly what I had reiterated. The land known as Palestine was in fact occupied by The Ottomans. The French? I know it only as the British in world war 1 assisted in driving out the Ottoman�.actually they were the main operators. What did they offer the Jew in course? They offered him miles of barren waste land. No oil, no gold, no honey. Mark Twain Samuel Clemens once wrote of th area, one can walk 20 miles in any direction and not see a twig let alone a rabbit. Who were the Palestinians? In fact. There were no Palestinians. There were Arabs, Christians, Jews and Muslims Or those who claimed nothing. There was no government no laying claim to anything. Tribes. Tribes whose existence relied on herding, trading and other wise raiding and steeling.
    The little tiny piece of crap land given to the Jews was made a symbol for expanding on the hatred of Jews. The day after The Jews were given statehood they were invaded by th Arab world�and got there asses handed to them. It�s been that way every since. 3 to 4 million Arabs fled the area. Some stayed and became upstanding Jewish citizens. 20% in fact make up the population of Arabs living in Israel. Said by one Arab when asked why, because we have freedoms we would get in a Muslim enclave. If we in the west are being brainwashed it is because we are being taught that we and the Jews and those who love freedom and our fellow man that we are the enemy.
    Who did the Libyan freedom fighters ask for help when they were about to be driven into the sea? Was it Arafat or Iran, or Bin Laden? No it was cough cough embarrassing to say, the Americans AGAIN.
    Right now in Egypt yesterday 35 people died protesting against what is going on in the government process of setting up another dictatorship. The square again is being jammed by the thousands who only want freedom.
    Again I am accused of saying the word ALL when I guess the only one who reads properly on this sight is Britt.
    Lessons on th history of the Middle East? Hahahah that�s a crock of BS there is no sound reality to the middle east. It is one huge killing field. And guess who�s to blame�the united states of course, wait no it�s the Jews. It�s the only part of the world where even the people can�t lay claim to knowing its history.
    ps to the princess...you cant have a half a freedom it doesn't work.

  • Michael D Nalley
    6 years ago

    There is a talk show host and commentator of course,who has launched some campaign called the 9/12 Project, in which he beseeches Americans to start being the people they were on September 12th that I would not like to be, who used to try to answer the question who gives us the rights we enjoy.
    The one thing he was consistant about is that our rights should be given by God and not government. The government of the United States has many times proclaimed that they had God on their side when they drove the natives off of the land they claimed with their spirit

    Freedom seems to end were goverments say it ends more often than not. It does not matter if you are a native american if a police officer oders you to stay or move you will be met with the force needed to carry out that order

    If our elected goverment want to bail wall street out and place the power back in their hands the same way they have assisted dictators only the people can stop them
    When elections are fair "we the people" have power.

    I believe Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan [ formerly Robert Allen Zimmerman] are brothers in a biblical sense.

    "Choose a person you would want to be and what you would have done "
    I don't know that I would have done anything different than Yusuf , Bob or Billy Jack because it seems they stood for God given rights.

    This discussion has evolved into more than who we would be, but aslo what we would be in regards to beliefs

    I don't believe it would be too off topic to ask if anyone agrees that any conflict between Jew, Christian, and Arab is more religious than racial?

  • sibyllene
    6 years ago

    "I don't believe it would be too off topic to ask if anyone agrees that any conflict between Jew, Christian, and Arab is more religeous than racial?"

    I would think that any violent conflicts between religions can be traced back to a struggle for power, more than any ideological differences that are strictly "of the religion." If one group kills another in the name of God, I think they're using their religion to mask the more human attributes of greed, wrath, and cruelty. These things would exist without religion ever being brought into it.

  • Michael D Nalley
    6 years ago

    The Christian religion seemed be to born out of a struggle for power when the Christ attempted to reform the strict interpretation of the law of Moses
    by requiring that stoners be without sin

    Muhammad the prophet seemed to seek an answer to the split of the biblical tribes by focusing on mercy and peace

    Conflict seems to be a human trait to make all people believe alike even when they cannot see a difference in racial evolution

    It is like Bob Dylan's - Rainy Day Women

  • Britt
    6 years ago

    This is exactly why I believe religion makes people crazy. My church preaches you should not be religious, you should be relational, and that's precisely what I think here. Mike to your question about being religious/racial (the conflict), I think it's a religious thing. There are people of all races in all kinds of religions. I realize typically you see someone of middle eastern descent and assume they're Muslim opposed to seeing some other person and assuming they are Muslim (this is an example here people, take a breather), but when it comes down to it, religion can be a melting pot.

    Thanks for sayin' I actually read. I usually get accused of the opposite ;)

  • Michael D Nalley
    6 years ago

    I think that president Bush made it clear that we were never at war with any religion. I need to rephrase the question because many refer to those that accept the Jewish faith as Jews. It seems that Hitler was trying to create a super race by ethnic cleansing. I have seen the youtube pictures of soldiers pointing guns at Arab childred and would be appauled to see any military do that.

    The online media express the tention in the middle east due to group hate
    Emily Litella Speaks Out On The Situation In The Middle East


  • Decayed
    6 years ago

    Dan dan dan dan.//

    "Lessons on th history of the Middle East? Hahahah thats a crock of BS there is no sound reality to the middle east. It is one huge killing field. And guess whos to blame? the united states of course, wait no it the Jews. Its the only part of the world where even the people cant lay claim to knowing its history.

    ^ Guess who's to blame?

    We should blame ourselves of course, for being so naiive and only clutching at our historical glory (if you Americans believe in that, too.) and not being rational at all....... for all the danger that was lurking to our land under French/British mandate in 1940s and not at that moment masticate every blue bone that exploited our land without us noticing that (Actually, Lebanon was the only country to warn other Arabian countries about the Zionism danger...) because we were under foreign reign and like kids, we were still getting nourished to be adults, capable of handling ourselves.

    At any level, "It is one huge killing field"!

    ^ It's a huge killing field indeed.

    With uncle Sam trying to globalize the world "as acclaimed" supporting the Shiaa' in Iraq against the Sunna, and in contrary supporting the Sunna in Lebanon against the Shiaa'... and from underneath the table, trying to separate Arabs as much as possible, as the western (specifically Zionists' and Americans') policy is known to be: "Diffuse, you Win" -- by several means... and exploiting also Iraq, "acclaiming" the storage of nuclear weapons and this shits... and with Zionists massacring people every day.....

    Therefore, we'll sure be living in a killing field.


    But I believe, and I'm telling you I believe, that when someday... someway... we are united again (with all those revolutions that DEMAND blood to pay-off) , we'll slit each hand approaching us. Yes, we're so damn good at slitting wrists and fingers. Actually, I'm dining now in McDonald's (Arabian version), and those western fingers are so damn good!

  • Michael D Nalley
    6 years ago

    I like that self portrait of khalil Gibran, my favorite poet Lebanese Phoenix

  • Decayed
    6 years ago

    Lol, thanks :p

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    I like ur post Abed..i might be a christian but i dont have anything against the muslims..this thread hasnt gone off topic that much since i think we r discussing about a big issue that needs to be addressed, our governments despise and hate each other but we are better than that, we share love on this site despite our race and religions.

  • Michael D Nalley
    6 years ago


    It is better to be hated for what you are then to be loved for what you are not.

  • RSJ
    6 years ago

    Dan, I have a problem with you my friend
    I really believe You're pointing out one religion as apposing to others, If this becomes a game of pointing fingers then we all read and remember how once upon a time, The church, in the name of Jesus, killed and conquered, yeah? Jews too, according to your religion they are the people responsible for the death of mar yam's son yeah? so we all alike, have history,
    anyways, here I go

    The ones who cause the attacks on the world trade center are the radical worst of their religion. Their excuses and why they gain such favor of western hate is because of their propaganda supported by those who hate freedom and support any cause that runs in favor of their ideology,

    you seriously want me to believe this crap?
    no man, these people who were behind the attacks, like any other kind of terrorists, had their grievousness, one might ask what are they, it's simple, look around, Their countries are occupied by your 1000+ military bases world wide, all the way from Chagos to Okinawa, had your government dealt with these grievousness then I seriously doubt 9/11 would take a place,

    and seriously, enough with the freedom crap, Since 1945 the united states has attempted to
    Overthrow more than 50 foreign governments
    In the process the us has caused the end of life
    For several million people, and condemned many millions
    More to a live of agony and despair.
    In short, Don't open doors that you won't be able to close on yourself, because pointing out the contradictions that the american government go through with its foreign policies, espically in the middle east is the easiest thing to do.
    Demonstrated this past year in Egypt. The people had an uprising. Their quest was for a free society patterned much like the free societies of the west
    what? how hard is it for you to understand, that when people of a country have had enough of their leader, who have dismantled and burned any hope of them living a decent Honorable life, will unite against him? The Arab spring all the way from Tunisia to Egypt to Yemen and Syria and Bahrain and every other country had no intention of becoming the society that you guys have, With no disrespect at all to any of you, but we are content with our identity, Neither your way of living nor your government had any influence on the decisions that our masses took, grow out of your bubble.

    Who did the Libyan freedom fighters ask for help when they were about to be driven into the sea? Was it Arafat or Iran, or Bin Laden? No it was cough cough embarrassing to say, the Americans AGAIN?
    By Americans you actually mean the united nations yeah?
    that includes more than 200 countries, Man it's amazing and mind dazzling how self centered you can be, and don't worry, you're not paying the Bill for the Nato's commitment, Libya is, and it's paying for it tripled, of-course largely due to the monopoly of the arms industry, Cough cough, Lowkey martin
    and more doors opening on you.


    BS there is no sound reality to the middle east. It is one huge killing field
    disrespectful, and if it is a huge killing field, then I also must give credit to the 1.5 million Iraqi dead Due to war caused by personal gain, and the 5 million orphaned, also not leaving the babies of Fullajah, these babies that were born with deformities from Uranium, and white phosphorus,
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki too, their babies born with deformities, All these places have one thing in common, YOUR government's presence, and YOUR governments Bombs.

    Dan, I believe that the strength of your dreaming prevents you from reason, This dream that you keep on having only makes sense if your sleeping......

    and while I believe this response is most likely going to get alot of people pissed, but the hell with that, it's time you get a taste of your own medicine,
    hypocrisy, at it's highest levels.......

    and as to the hate Alot of Arabs carry for America and while it's wrong to think of it that way because not all Americans are the same, I Sometimes question it and find it somehow, some way justifiable,
    simple math, 1+1=2
    when it's your governments bombs killing someone's brother, mother, sister and dad, and causing deformities in birth, one question arise to the mind of these people,
    is it Obamas nation or an abomination?
    with a very simple and obvious answer of
    It doesn't make a difference when its your nation being bombed.

  • Britt
    6 years ago

    Obama is an abomination, Rabea! :)

  • Michael D Nalley
    6 years ago

    You must be joking ;)

    "Lowkey Obama Nation Part 2 Ft M1 (Dead Prez) & Black The Ripper
    Lowkey has released the second part to is famous song Obama Nation Off his forthcoming album Soundtrack To The Struggle. He once again points out that the U.S. is continuing the global empire building it started under George Bush. Obama has changed very tittle since he has come to office and it's time for people to wake up and end U.S. imperialism, the exact thing our forefathers where fighting against."

    It also includes a video of Glenn Beck mocking Lowkey's song "Terrorist?" Which Lowkey counters by sampling a portion Lupe Fiasco's song "Things I Never Said", which goes "Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist, Gaza Strip was gettin' bombed, Obama didn't say sh..it.

    Many of the right wingers believe JFK was and abomination for not ending the Vietman cold war

    "The Vietnam War[A 3] was a Cold War-era military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955"

    A few days ago marked the 48th Anniversary Of John F. Kennedy's Tragic Death

    Abomination definition

    This word is used, (1.) To express the idea that the Egyptians considered themselves as defiled when they ate with strangers (Gen. 43:32). The Jews subsequently followed the same practice, holding it unlawful to eat or drink with foreigners (John 18:28; Acts 10:28; 11:3). (2.) Every shepherd was "an abomination" unto the Egyptians (Gen. 46:34). This aversion to shepherds, such as the Hebrews, arose probably from the fact that Lower and Middle Egypt had formerly been held in oppressive subjection by a tribe of nomad shepherds (the Hyksos), who had only recently been expelled, and partly also perhaps from this other fact that the Egyptians detested the lawless habits of these wandering shepherds. (3.) Pharaoh was so moved by the fourth plague, that while he refused the demand of Moses, he offered a compromise, granting to the Israelites permission to hold their festival and offer their sacrifices in Egypt. This permission could not be accepted, because Moses said they would have to sacrifice "the abomination of the Egyptians" (Ex. 8:26); i.e., the cow or ox, which all the Egyptians held as sacred, and which they regarded it as sacrilegious to kill. (4.) Daniel (11:31), in that section of his prophecies which is generally interpreted as referring to the fearful calamities that were to fall on the Jews in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, says, "And they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate." Antiochus Epiphanes caused an altar to be erected on the altar of burnt-offering, on which sacrifices were offered to Jupiter Olympus. (Comp. 1 Macc. 1:57). This was the abomination of the desolation of Jerusalem. The same language is employed in Dan. 9:27 (comp. Matt. 24:15), where the reference is probably to the image-crowned standards which the Romans set up at the east gate of the temple (A.D. 70), and to which they paid idolatrous honours. "Almost the entire religion of the Roman camp consisted in worshipping the ensign, swearing by the ensign, and in preferring the ensign before all other gods." These ensigns were an "abomination" to the Jews, the "abomination of desolation." This word is also used symbolically of sin in general (Isa. 66:3); an idol (44:19); the ceremonies of the apostate Church of Rome (Rev. 17:4); a detestable act (Ezek. 22:11).

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    And the Americans and the whole world actualy thought things would change when Obama was elected..so far nothing apart for continued imperialism by America..even worse is that the American general public dont realise the great empire is going down with its policies..

  • Hellon
    6 years ago

    No Paul...actually they do but...yet, they keep electing dickheads... and that's a question I've asked time and time again... Why can they only see Democrates v Republicans....they have both proved they are shite and yet....it has to be one or the other.. again why? I've asked about coalition parties in the past but..no one seems to be aware of this in USA?

  • RSJ
    6 years ago

    Drones over Pakistan, Yemen, And Libya
    is obama the bomber getting ready for Syria?
    1st black president, the masses were hungry
    but the same president just bombed an African country.

    listening to lowkey sheds some light on the polices Obama's government takes, I recommend anyone who wants to know the other side of the story listen to tracks by him such as obama nation, obama nation part two, Terrorist one, and Terrorist two,

  • Lioness
    6 years ago

    A huge topic going on here but I'm going to answer Paul's thread......

    If I could be someone, it would be someone important who has the authority to enforce harsher punishments for those who abuse children and animals. To fight for those who can't fight for themselves

    Those type of f-wits really pi$$ me off. I would definitely have that changed!

    Oh and animal testing. Abolish that completely

    We should test on rapists, child abusers and people who are cruel to animals

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    Hellon..why cant the American public do something then..i have watched a certain documemtary about the Freemasons or Illuminati controlling America and Obama being one of them but the media hides this coz they also own the media..Rabea..its realy sad we have drones in Africa now,even in Somalia and i think they are getting close to my country..Lioness, my dad actualy works for Unicef in help eradicating child abuse so i can relate to u, i havent about animal testing in my country but its something i would also want stopped...

  • RSJ
    6 years ago

    Hellion it's not very promising, out of all the political candidates to run for the next election, there is only one sane rational guy IMO who speaks about peace in a rational manner, that guy being Ron Paul,
    speaking of which, before yesterday in the debate about the foreign affairs, Santorum thinks Africa is a country and not a continent, Truly, how sad is that?

  • Britt
    6 years ago

    Edited. Not even worth it.

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    How can a grown man think Africa is a country..its indeed a shame..i am kinda hoping Obama loses though it aint my country but American influence is so far and wide that my country is also affected by the outcome of American elections....

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    How can a grown man think Africa is a country..its indeed a shame..i am kinda hoping Obama loses though it aint my country but American influence is so far and wide that my country is also affected by the outcome of American elections....

  • Michael D Nalley
    6 years ago

    Americans are diverse. If we all fellt we were free to influence countries that were thought of of as third world as the quote from a former member proves.... we would

    "Another celebrity is following in Oprah's footsteps, apparently MaDonna is building a school for girls in some third world country...oh isn't that sweet, I would stand up and applaud but I can't because there are too many kids in this very country who need a school or at the very least adequate educational tools......go adopt an american kid, damn putz."

    Don't tell Madonna her charitable efforts have failed.

    Raising Malawi, the foundation started by the pop icon after she adopted son David from the African nation, is in regrouping mode amid complaints that $3.8 million has been funneled into a now-defunct plan to build a girls' school and there is absolutely nothing to show for it.

    "A thoughtful decision has been made to discontinue plans for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls, as it was originally conceived," the charity's cofounder, Michael Berg, said in a statement.

    So where does Madonna go from here?

    Read more: http://www.eonline.com/news/madonnas_school_in_malawi_not_happening/232855#ixzz1ehqY3kTx

    If I were Madonna I may not have spent the money there but believe she is free to spend her untaxed money where she pleases. If you were an american would you like to see someone as left as her be president?

    Michael Jackson hooked up with Madonna in March, 1991 seemed to love people and animals

    "Well, now if I were the president of this land
    You know, I'd declare total war on The Pusher man
    I'd cut him if he stands, and I'd shoot him if he'd run
    Yes I'd kill him with my Bible and my razor and my gun"

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    Michael, the third world country u r talkin about is actualy my country Malawi..i am a Malawian, and we r going through times now coz donor aid has been suspended coz of some stupid remarks our President plus he made homosexuality illegal so they say he aint respecting human rights..blah blah..all bullshit stuff but my country is no longer what it used to b 3yrs back,mayb its coz of the global economic crisis, i dont know bt most of our aid from developed country has been suspended..i even wonder y i was born in this country, still am thankful coz peace and harmony is sumthin we dont lack though our leader is performing well.

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    Correction; our leader is not performing well.

  • Michael D Nalley
    6 years ago

    Just between us who would you blame for the supposed money that Madonna donated being diverted

    Some of this was discussed in a thread titled "So here we go again."
    Many of the old site members that posted in that thread either supended thier on activity or others. The remainder said they were more confussed about American politics than before
    Paul's stance on foreign policy is one of consistent non-intervention,[10][11] opposing wars of aggression and entangling alliances with other nations.[12]

    Paul advocates bringing troops home from U.S. military bases in Korea, Japan, and Europe, among others.[13] He also proposes that the U.S. stop sending what he deems massive, unaccountable foreign aid

    If I were you I would search the forums by going to serch forums ther are some interesting arguments made such as this one

    author: abracadabra
    status: member
    date: 2010.07.07 22:12

    [ post answer ]
    Haha Bob, here's another one of your fortnightly grumbling threads where you disapprove of everything point by point, despair about the world we live in (usually USA) which is rapidly disintegrating around us, and then end with "and have a great summer, one and all!"

    It's winter here, by the way.

    So what is it today...Madonna is helping children in the third world...OH NO, IT'S PITCHFORK TIME!
    Firstly, "third world" no longer holds the same meaning. But yes, Malawi is among the most impoverished nations while America is among the most developed. This means that America has a lot more money than Malawi. So direct donations (not just money, but a school- the gift that keeps on giving) to poorer countries kind of makes sense. Of course, if Americans want to help Americans, there are many other options besides donating money: they can live and work in America, they can volunteer their time, improve infrastructure, start community help groups, join activist groups, they can treat their fellows with respect, they can stop polluting the land. But money is what countries like Malawi effectively need. Ultimately, we hold no obligation to the country that brought us up anyway. So many people rush to America because it is full of possibilities. So many countries are deprived of their most promising scientists, artists, engineers- because of America's allure. This also makes sense. The world is all ours. We take what we can, a lot fewer of us give what we can...and it is up to us to decide where in the world it goes.


    But after she broke ground on a school for girls in the country, things went woefully awry. Workers on the site are suing Madonna, saying they were never paid. And now the IRS is investigating all of her charity efforts, as well as those of Kabbalah Centre International, Madonna's partner in the project.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/madonna-malawi-kabbalah-school-foundation-oprah-2011-4#ixzz1ejkfqL8Y

    If the IRS recovers any of the money the irony is that very little will make it to anyones education

  • RSJ
    6 years ago

    This is why ron paul should be elected
    he speaks with common sense


  • dan
    6 years ago

    I was away on a work trip. But I knew what I would find when I got back and I am not disappointed to that regard.
    Again I am personally attacked for trying to find reason for worlds woes. Suggestions turn into because of ignorance name calling rather then a concerted debate.
    I never used the word all in my description of those who hate. I used the phrase radical factions.
    As far as being called a hypocrite Its beyond imagination as to being a hypocrite using the definition as intended. I do not blow up school children, churches, market places nor do I blow up airplanes trains or buses. I do not impose my religion or my believes on anyone. Force is not in my vocabulary.
    My endeavor in life is to try and understand why any group or society would inflict horrible mayhems on innocent peoples or put their own people in harms way as do the fanatics of the Middle Eastern nations. I can not comprehend why a nation is constantly made the goat for the worlds adjustments while it had spent its entirety aiding to free the world of tyrants. Every nation that enjoys freedom and democracy has American and friends of freedom countries the blood and corpses of those who gave for that right to freedoms. But only the U>S> is targeted as the evil doer.
    Britain chased the Turks out of the Palestinian lands and brought in the Jews and gave Israel a homeland back. Yet America is blamed because America now protects the Jewish state. Syria kills thousands of its own but there is no outrage. The Taliban are killing pakistanians still no outrage. The Taliban are killing Afghanistan's no outrage. Basra, The Sudan, Semolina, South Africa, Ruanda by the millions die no outrage. A maniac with a nuclear weapon stands ready to use it when it gets the whim to do so. Another is near production of a nuclear weapon that has promised Israel its first target. No outrage. The world is under attack by those who chose to hate those who do not believe their believes and no one is outraged. To fly in an airplane in and over a vocative nation gives fears of highjackings or maybe being blown up and no one is outraged.
    All of Europe is in turmoil for a failed policy of world dominance entrusted with a few who project political discourse and no one cared to question it. The people of Europe are losing their free stuff so they are pissed and would destroy lives and property to try and keep free stuff. Global warming hoax is destroying everyday freedoms and when proven false fallacy is ignored.
    Questioning why American troops are stationed where they are. Answer is given that the world is full of crazed lunatics ready to pounce given the chance i.e. n Korea sends test rockets towards Japan. A maniac is put in place in South America that would join forces to destroy America. No one cares. Cuba, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Iran, the Turks, all the world wide organizations that hate are always ready to pounce but it is the United States that is to blame. Why? Because we are Hypocrites. The soldiers that died for the worlds freedoms are hypocrites. The American tax payer who sends millions and billions to help others are hypocrites. The inventors of medical cures are all hypocrites and the American organizations that spread our knowledge to the rest of the world to rid of diseases are hypocrites. America rated number one giver are all hypocrites. Every country even the potential enemy sends their kids to American collages to learn but they are learning hypocrisy. If you work hard and are self sufficient you are then a hypocrite. If you dislike governments and peoples that kill and murder their own and those around them you are a hypocrite.
    Thousands are murdered every day of the week but it is America that is doing the killing. America kills babies and women and old people and unfortunates. They rob and steal countries commodities such as oil and goals and wealth. And give back nothing. We are imperial nation of colonizers of the unfortunate.
    Egyptian soldiers are degrading women by the thousands but it is America that rapes and harms women. It is Dan the dreamer Dan the hypocrite, Dan the liar, Dan the uneducated. Dan the blind.Dan the crazy one.

  • DirgeVenustas
    6 years ago

    Id be ozzy osbourne and change nothing

  • CryingHeart
    6 years ago

    If i were him i would have said Me ( Me means ME who i actually am) that i am sorry and i love you (me)

  • Angel
    6 years ago

    If i were the president i would spend less time talking and more time doing something

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    Mello..i like that guy, he has a nice voice though i would very much have liked if he changed a few things bout him..lol

  • Paul Gondwe
    6 years ago

    Angel..thats interesting, politicians are all about making fake promises these days