Rap Battles

  • Tim
    5 years ago

    Firstly I'm wondering if Rap Battles (due to their nature) and prohibited on this site.

    Secondly, if they are not against the rules. Would anyone here be interested in having one with me?

    Many thanks in advance for any replies.

  • ddavidd
    5 years ago

    I like that even though I do not know how to do it. but I love to see a good rap match

  • Tim
    5 years ago

    It's not really that hard. You just write insultingly (but jokingly) poetically and in rhyme. - I love a good rap battle, I do prefer it in real life; real time. But written over a form is can be amazing.

    - I was just wondering if they were allowed here. Or if anyone wanted to be my opponent sometime. - We could even have one in private message, in order to be breaking any rules. Though, it would be a lot nicer in public, then people could vote on who's best after each round.

    Anyone interested, or mods who have information on the specific rulings, let me know. Either on here or PM me.


  • Poet on the Piano
    5 years ago

    Hi! I know in the past there have been rap/rhyme battles started by a few poets and it was fun just to see everyone participating and having this rhythm going. Everyone would just try to "outdo" the other in what they wrote and it was hilarious, something I sure couldn't do lol

    Feel free to, I don't think there are any rules except this one which is in the site guidelines:

    "Any swearing or vulgar slang is forbidden"

    Otherwise, I know there have been threads before so go ahead and hopefully people get interested!

  • ddavidd
    5 years ago

    I have to see it then if it is something doable for me if I have anything to say I would chip in!!

  • Tim
    5 years ago

    Awesome :)

    Well if anyone would like to challenge me anytime. I'd be happy to battle with you.

  • Poet on the Piano
    5 years ago

    I'll try lol....I'll probably have to speak it first then see how it sounds before I write it down! I don't know how else to do it other than rhymes, otherwise mine will just be many, many words that might not make sense :P

    You should start one in the member message forum, I'll join!

  • dindee
    5 years ago

    Lol...its kind of "flip top"? here in our country...yeah its fun...and funny...but those who will join dont take it seriously....coz if you will you'll end up crying...lol...

  • L
    5 years ago

    I like reading rap battles, they were fun
    unfortunately, I'm bad at it.

    But sure why not, I think the member forum will be a good place to start it.

  • Sincuna
    5 years ago

    We used to have a couple of them back in the day. Most recent one I can find:


  • Tim
    5 years ago

    Awesome :) As long as they are allowed even if that means keeping them respectful. That's great! :) Thanks for the answers guys...

    I'm going for a summer break soon, and before them I'm a little busy with work. But once I return, I will start up a thread and we'll see how it goes. :) I will message everyone that's posted on this, and invite you to join in.


  • ammar azam
    5 years ago

    Yeah baby...i ll be always dere to gve u a fuck..

  • PorcelainMoon
    5 years ago


    You want a battle I'll eat you up like I'm a cannibal, it's collateral the damage i deploy I'm like an animal. My Rhymes are savage, I ravage, livin lavish, You're only average.

    I spit rhymes so tight, given your mama a fright, f*****g you with knife, make you my wife... It's funny how you choose to lose too a player, strait lady layer, pussy slayer, your rhymes are gayer.

    Come to my block you get stopped you get mopped up, drop me a beat like I'm Pac you'll get rocked up. I've got money to make, money to take, you make a mistake, beat you with a wooden stake, even your dirty sister knows you're phoney fake!

    Untouchable lyrically, beautiful visually, you'll miss me, your wife's kissin me on the tip of my d**k cause I'm king Kong, droppin the bomb

  • Redangelwings
    5 years ago

    I also when I first came on here in 2007 there were rap battles lol.

  • Stephanie Stoneman replied to PorcelainMoon
    1 year ago

    Haha nice reply I can't deny the feeling of compromise in the written explanation why your words are simply pie in the sky the post is a question not a challenge try that on your digestion, no mention to invention of competition
    From the written language derives rhyme rhythm, rage, onto paragraphs on the page. Turn the maze of poems here slayed into inspirations of conversation litteral language observation cause else I'll devour try me for another hour i'll get sour ;)

  • Tony
    1 year ago

    Everyone on here
    sounds like they wanna be a rapper
    Audience must be full
    of a buncha one handed clappers- from
    Flat punchlines like ones
    you read up in the crapper
    You sittin on a computer
    while my rhyme books gettin fatter
    So cut the chatter unless you'd rather
    Sit back and let me have her
    The games a supermodel
    You fools strugglin to unwrap her
    Check the ladder, I am higher
    You can call me the rhymin hatter
    Brains been battered,
    Lost my marbles
    From the lines that you have gathered
    Shamelessly posted, you've been roasted
    Now it's time to learn some manners
    Spend some time, perfect your lines
    Before you try to be a batter
    Batters up I've had enough
    Because your response don't flucking matter