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I don't wish for you to want to hear my life story, because in reality, I do not wish to tell it. Instead I would like to insight you into the world I like to call my own.

Many years ago I learnt that the world was, is and could be a horrible and nasty place. So I learnt that to be truly happy, I would have to make that happen on my own. So whenever a time came when I found myself with nothing else to do, I would delve into the deepest corners of my imagination, freeing each tiny part of it. Soon I found myself going to the same place in my mind every spare moment I had, creating my own story where I had everything I wanted, always thinking one day, I will make this story my reality. I will live my dream.

I think about places I could only dream of being able to go to. Imagining what things are like there, and how different it is from everyone else's way of life. I think about how many people there are in my world, and what tiny percentage of people I have met, and the billions of people there are for me still to meet. I find it amazing there we may not know everyone, yet we are all connected in one way, through humanity.

I like to think about everything, and try to imagine things in a way that no one else ever could. I believe a dream is like a window looking into a world where reality and fantasy combine to form a universe where the brain is free to imagine its greatest desires. And when you let it, reality can become a dream where each door opens to a whole new world, and each step creates a new story to which nobody knows the ending. But until then such wonders can only occur when the dreamer allows themselves to be taken away by the magic of the imagination. This is how my imagination has made me happier than I could ever wish to be.

Over the years my world has molded into such wonderful creations, no artist would be able to truly capture it's pure beauty. The giant towers of love and envy, the magnificent arcs of desire and greed, the walls of laughter and tears. It's a place of happiness and sad, of innocence and horror. Never to be pinned down on paper, forever to be free to float in the essence of the air. I rarely allow anyone into the wonders that my imagination can unfold. Those that do are the few people that I deem to be perfection. I do not expect my world to be accepted by others. For my world is my own and in it's own it is a masterpiece.

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