Poetry Prompt no.7 - Prompt Generator

  • Melpomene
    3 years ago

    I observed a colleagues English Class today where she was teaching a poetry lesson to her senior students. They had been studying Shakespeare's 'Othello' and as a break from reading she set them a writing task. Using an online poetry prompt generator that provided students with a line of a poem, students had to use this line as the starting inspiration for their poems. I quickly got down the name of the generator and this leads us to our next poetry prompt:

    Have a go at using the generator. Use the line you receive to spark your own poem.


    This is the line I received first up:
    'In the air of understanding the dreamers turn,'

    I'm going to try and give this a go myself.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    3 years ago

    Done & posted

    My prompt was:

    "On the cold mountain of our imagination your past lovers cry"

  • GB
    3 years ago

    My own: "After the rain of death young lovers mourn, " here is a quick try.

    Winter tears falling,
    awakening visions within his mind.

    A train of memories
    and yellowish letters
    scattered beneath
    the feet of bereavement.

    After the rain of death
    young lovers mourn...

  • Poet on the Piano
    3 years ago

    Thanks as always, Mel, for posting these!

    I got: "In the dying of wanting the oceans seek,"


    The tides of you and I are
    every genre of music, of
    rhythms no conductor could
    direct, the rushing brutality
    of our hearts colliding with
    our minds far too often.

    Waves spit me back up, I
    choke on life as you reawaken
    from the nightmares I couldn't
    save you from. You drowned
    then swam to a new shore.

    In the dying of wanting the oceans -
    seek me and I will try to calm
    the surges and storms we try
    to so desperately control.