New Guy Learning to Fly

  • Sheldon Bass
    3 years ago

    Hello fellow poets, I just signed on a few moments ago and don't know anyone yet. I'm here to learn more about poetry and writing poetry. I'm a Minister and Christian author working out of Indianapolis Indiana. My little Maltese-Yorkie (Gracie) is my agent, until I can afford another one. Coffee is my weakness...well and people--I simply love people of all cultures and enjoy meeting new ones all the time. Quick! I need a fix ☺.

  • donna
    3 years ago

    Hi Sheldon and welcome :)
    It's nice to see a new member, and one that found the discussion forums.
    You may find it a little quiet here at times but don't give up on visiting as more and more people will eventually read your post and welcome you also.
    There are some amazing poets here and some very clever people who will be able to critique your work and give good advice.. I however am not one of them! Lol I have read your poems though and personally think they are both good pieces.
    I hope you enjoy the site :)

  • Shruti
    3 years ago

    Welcome Sheldon. Hope you like it here.:-).

  • Sushmita Mitra Chetri
    2 years ago

    Welcome Sheldon :):);)

  • Milly Hayward
    2 years ago

    Welcome Sheldon,

    I haven't been a member long but would say what a friendly helpful bunch everyone seems to be. The more poems you write and comment on and the more discussions you get involved in the more you will to know other people and they you.

    There is such a lot of talent here. I have learnt loads about poetry since I have been a member so you have come to the right place.

    Hope you have a great time here
    All the best Milly x

  • Em
    2 years ago

    Welcome to the site Sheldon. I was here many years ago then left but have recently in the last few months done back for good. There's loads of lovely people on here.


  • Milly Hayward
    2 years ago

    Hi Sheldon
    I see you've had a chance to settle in now. How are you finding it? Milly x

  • Golden AnGel Rhapsodist
    2 years ago

    Hello Sheldon and co-Authors

    welcome to the site.

    Sheldon coffee is my weakness too plus chocolate...felt like it adds some hormone to release like Dopamine and phenylethylamine. coffee is my brain booster too. Me and my husband are also active in church service. Actually, I'm just come back here a month ago after long years. I am enjoying my stay here now.