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Uniquely different,Goal getter, Alpha female, Artist, Rhapsodist,Critic,craftswoman,loves to play Boxing,Dart,Chess,Badminton and game of the generals, music lover,pet lover and a nature lover..

Achilles heel:
Insomniac, Somniloquist , sleepwalker and i have this disorder called dyslexia. .. yahhh you heard it right....
"I do believe that the only power I have now are my thoughts plus my pen"->By:Gel

thank you very much for dropping by....hope to hear from u guys....

enjoy reading ..

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  • When I miss you, I just gazed in a wide open sky,
    I wished that you are with me, Singing you're best...

  • 1
    Time reborn and dies, exactly...

  • Dormant (4) 2

    I'm not flattered by alluring words
    Or deceived by generous moves...

  • Today I declare that I WILL stop hating,
    I will stop negative thinking...

  • Fall (5) 3

    Before I start, listen to me
    I will avoid you temporarily...

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  • Wealth can be inherited as well as the character.

    So be careful what you show, because you REPRESENT to me not only YOU

    But who RAISED YOU!

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  • 5 meters,10 meters now a light years away, swallowed up by the depths and the distance of numb space and gloomy skies.

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    1 year ago
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  • Shine untill your own eyes can't stand your own brightness.

    © 2019 Golden Angel Rhapsodist a.k.a Gelyn All Rights Reserved

    1 year ago
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