• Jenn
    11 months ago

    I know You use to be able to click on Your awards, and see what each one was. Now You can't?
    Why is that?

    I mean if You don't know what each one stands for, why even have them? lol

  • hiraeth
    11 months ago

    it seems to be a mistake made by Janis, and unfortunately he's not around to correct it.

  • Jenn
    11 months ago

    I knew their use to me a link to see what they meant, and since I came back.. for the life of me I couldn't find it! Thank You!

  • Britt
    11 months ago

    F award - How many people have you on their favourites list.

    Pink - 5-19
    Blue - 20-49
    Gold - 50-99
    Platinum - 100+

    C award: Critique award: How many praised comments you have.

    Pink C - 50+ comments
    Blue C - 3-9 praised comments
    Gold C - 9-29 praised comments
    Platinum C - 30+ praised comments

    (Note: You need 10 praised comments to gain nominator status, i.e. to get the ability to nominate poems for the weekly contest on the front page.)

    P award: Number of poems posted on your account

    Pink P - 30-99 poems
    Blue P - 100-199 poems
    Gold P - 200-399 poems
    Platinum P - 400+ poems

    D award: Discussion award (number of posts made in forums)

    Pink D - 50-199 posts
    Blue D - 200-499 posts
    Gold D - 500-999 posts
    Platinum D - 1000+ posts

    For easy access. :)

  • Jenn
    10 months ago

    Thank You for that Britt!
    Great idea to just have the whole thing posted here, for easy reading in the future. or for others with the same question.