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All of my poems have been written about personal experiences, or the experiences of close friends. Some stuff comes off as Mental but the truth is sometimes to write something beautiful and meaning full you have to go beyond the Happiness of love and look into the darkness of depression.
Not always the best but still apart of reality and life.

I feel to be a good writer you must not only be able to help other connect to what you are feeling, but you must also connect yourself with what others feel.

Please let me know what y'all think.

Read, Review, and Connect.
Hope you like everything.

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Latest Poems By Jenn

  • White Roses Painted Red
    Hoping for passion, getting pain instead...

  • Three steps back..
    I have followed my path stubbornly, hoping for the...

  • I'm sorry for everything we put each other...
    Back then; I truly thought it would always be You...

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Latest Quotes By Jenn

  • If you love me
    don't let me go
    if you love me
    never leave me alone

    i am lost
    if your not here to point me in the right direction

    i am cold with out your love and affection.....

    18 years ago
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  • Death is lifes way oh saying..
    {you are the weakest link.. goodbye}

    my friend said this to me it was funny!

    18 years ago
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  • Although you have gone and the day, it is now through, I look out the window and my thoughts race back to you. It seems so far you have wandered, and stumble without you I do, yet my love for you remains, time tested and true

    19 years ago
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