Acrostic name competition

  • Michael
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Okay all here are those wonderful acrostic names of you all for you to now vote. 3pt 2pt 1pt voting system. When you have all three. Send back to me, and I will tally up all the points. Good luck :)


    My name is Milly, sounds rather silly
    Im smiley, strong, but not very frilly
    Like a bird my mind, flys over the sky
    little by little, my life says goodbye
    Yesterdays all seem, to fade into time
    holding on to them, is the hardest climb
    Autumn is gone, and now snow slowly falls
    yet I can sit still, and make my snow balls
    Wish I could go back, be young once again
    all things now draw, to their final refrain
    Reflect on all the good things from my past
    Dont let misfortune, define me at last


    Kitty Cat Lady.

    Instruct me of just how
    To write
    This damn challenge
    You set! I just
    Can't seem to get the hang of
    Acrostic prose and
    The bloody thing has
    Led me close to insanity
    All week!
    Driven me close to madness
    You know!!!!


    Larry Chamberlin

    Later or sooner the truth can present itself
    about life and personal choices we have made;
    remembering the reasons leads to clarity,
    remembering the results oft leads to wisdom,
    yet greater understanding requires something more.

    Challenge yourself to always continue growing:
    having the effrontery to believe in hope,
    agonizing to know meaning of “the other,”
    making crucial stabs at the crucible of truth;
    because without any of these profundities -
    efforts to discover our meaning and purpose -
    reality has as much relevance as food:
    letting us merely carry on daily, scrounging
    in this collective midden heap of our knowledge
    nowhere close to attaining fulfillment of dreams.


    Mel Liz

    Miss Timid, she speaks in a barely audible voice
    Everybody thinks she's always graced and poised
    Look, here she comes, striding without a noise.

    Leave her to the moonbeams, for her heart is melted by the moon
    It's quite her age old hobby that in the bathroom she sings a tune
    Zealously, she started to write this poem; too bad it's ended soon.



    B Baby, you need to hear me
    L laughing in this garden
    U underneath the sunlight
    E emanating from your soul -

    J just as you named me
    A audacity has offered another
    Y year of poetic nature with

    B belief in miracles,
    L love of growth,
    U understanding
    E even when I
    J just cannot
    A admit that I crave
    Y yesterdays dressed in ink.



    Brown hair, brown eyes, baby of her family.
    Right handed? Nope, lefty all the way!
    Extremely klutzy, known to trip over flat ground...
    Never plan on doing the nude beach thing, no, not ever!
    Didn't learn how to tell time until 4th grade, sigh...
    Always try to be optimistic, there's enough negativity out there.


    Aries Rising Craig.

    Anger burned through me since childhood
    Reminiscing! I still feel a flame. gggrrrr
    Ill equipped to deal with my emotions
    Early years, unfiltered thoughts and acts
    Something had to change, "it did"

    Rising now, stronger, faster, smarter
    Intellect nurtured and grown by others
    Seeking simplicity in the confusion
    Immersed in my passion and nature
    Nothing seems impossible, only difficult
    Growing into!!!


    Calmer now and more considerate to others
    Relaxed and chilled for the most part
    Alway thinking, always questioning. Why?
    Impressed, with the achievements of others
    Graciously bowing to those I consider better than myself.




  • mossgirl19
    9 months ago

    Yay! Love every single piece!

  • Milly Hayward
    9 months ago

    What's the deadline for votes to be in?

  • Michael
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Just to say all,

    That I will post the results as soon as I have received all votes in.

    Just keep an eye on this thread message and I will edit/add as they come in, and once all eight names are posted here. I will reveal the winner and runner ups. I hope that seems fair to you all :)

    Mel liz - votes are in
    Kitty Cat lady - votes are in
    Brenda - votes are in
    Milly -votes are in
    Blue Jay -votes are in
    Craig AR-votes are in
    Larry - votes are in

  • BlueJay
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Are people that did not participate able to vote as well?

    Also as I was trying to decide how I wanted to vote, I wrote comments for each piece, would you (collectively) like me to post them here on the thread or send them to you guys individually when the contest ends? It was incredibly difficult to decide on anything at all! I love this side of PnQ - all the creativity is so wonderful.

  • Michael replied to BlueJay
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    What I thought in answer to your question Blue Jay is it will be between you all to vote first, and post for site-wide if you chose to after the competition ends

    Hope that's okay :)

  • CJ Maleney
    9 months ago

    Sent, sorry for the delay


    Well kinda sorry, ish, but not really,

    Well ya made us all wait long enough lol

  • (we & why)
    9 months ago

    Such good poems
    And blue Jay wrote two pieces.
    Simply amazing. Michael

  • BlueJay replied to (we & why)
    9 months ago

    It's one piece. It was just a repeating acrostic. Craig also wrote two separate halves because he is Aries Rising :P