Simple competition.

  • Ben Pickard
    9 months ago

    Right, I don't think I've ever run a main boards contest before, so here I am, taking my turn. The rules are simple - if not easy - and the competition closes on the 5th October. I will then take pms for your top two choices (10 points for 1st, 7 for 2nd) and announce the results on the 10th October. Winner - two detailed comments from me. Runner-up - one detailed comment from me. Not overly generous, maybe, but I'm rather busy at the moment!
    The subject - and this is why I said it wasn't easy - has to be about your darkest experiences. Not pleasant, and not something everyone will want to write about, but some of the best art is dark and damn right unpleasant to read, let's face it. Any form, any length, post here.
    All the best.

  • Michael
    9 months ago


    Well I'm certainly up for this and what a subject, really interesting, an thank you for running this darkly thread :)


  • Brenda
    9 months ago

    I'm in Ben....

  • CJ Maleney
    9 months ago

    I'll try Ben, I'll try

    Think I've poured out the worst of my life here. But I'll try.


  • BlueJay
    9 months ago

    I feel like this will definitely be an interesting contest, I might try to get something in, but if not I'm extremely interested in the other entries.

  • mossgirl19
    9 months ago

    Count me in, Ben.

  • deeplydesturbed
    9 months ago

    ill try ben - but no promises.

  • Sinners gospel
    9 months ago

    Post here means, just post here until you decide the winner.?
    Or we can post that poem to our account too at the same time?

  • Ben Pickard
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    All entries posted here (you can post on your own account too if you like).

  • ddavidd
    9 months ago, updated 5 months ago

    Sounds good. I missed Michael's, try not to miss this one.

  • Sinners gospel
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Title : Only darkness knows the tale

    Some say,
    I was given birth by

    G guardian
    O of
    D doom

    to parallel the structure of this universe,
    I stole something very precious from him
    and locked it in my heart forever.

    Well, I haven't seen his presence since I came into existence.

    Some whisper,
    I force them to

    R roam
    I into
    N nostalgic
    G garden

    of an endless loop
    where they have to live, die and reborn everyday
    to repeat the same thing time and time again
    until I eat their soul.

    Some adore me as their

    G gift
    O of
    D dreams

    for making them immortal;
    once I fill their hearts with my

    L lots
    O of
    V vulnerable
    E energy

    they happily suffer everything -
    from cuts to bruises to abuses and fear no pain.

    Tell me, has anyone of you ever seen me?
    Only I know the tale
    which is I am nothing, but just an experience.

    And I won't come out easily unless someone triggers me.
    Thank you,

  • Ben Pickard
    9 months ago

    We have our first entry and a blooming good one too. FV sets the bar pretty high with this one.

  • Michael
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Missed-call: By Michael

    An evening of a friends’ time of celebration
    the venue was steeped in birthday decoration.
    The atmosphere full of his special occasion
    This night almost staged; my early cremation!

    The night flowed-over as I fuelled my delight
    slowly my mind warped as I walked up a flight.
    Stairs seemed to twist from my blurry eye-sight
    a few more steps to encounter my plight.

    My hands slipped my mind and also my feet
    I stretched out my life; to salvage this feat.
    But deaths door was open; and ready to greet
    I was so close to its heart; I could hear no beat!

    A tumble in time; where memories were lost
    unaware of the price of pleasures high cost!
    A flick of a dark coin was pitched and tossed;
    and ‘Here lies Michael’ already embossed!

    Frantic-faint distortion; I could barely hear-
    “Mikes dead, Mike dead; please-all keep clear!
    Was I!? So I thought; I feel numb to the fear
    But no!; my life just rested upon on left my ear!

    So I cheated a notch-up; on the reapers claw
    Death turned a cheek; and closed its ashen-grey door.
    So I write my tale; with both feet on the floor
    I still have flash backs of my earlier-missed call!

  • Brenda
    9 months ago

    A carefully guarded place

    I've got this place-
    Deep within my soul
    tucked away, heavily guarded.
    The key weighs heavy
    on my heart-
    A reminder of the darkness
    that lives there...
    It's inky blackness
    hides the hurt and disappointment,
    the loss of my dad,
    profoundly affected me
    from childhood to now middle age,
    of my innocence ripped from me
    at the age of eleven,
    setting the course
    of a lot of bad choices
    when it came to men...
    I've poured my tears
    into those recesses-
    Two failed marriages,
    my own child
    turning her back on me,
    disappointing job choices,
    money issues,
    thoughts of ending it all...
    Would any of it matter?
    Did I even matter?
    I don't like to open
    This Pandora box of darkness.
    Too much pain
    tucked away in there.
    But there it is,
    a silent but deadly reminder
    of all the darkness
    that is me....

  • Ben Pickard
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Three wonderful, honest poems in already. Keep them coming.

  • CJ Maleney
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    The Beginning Or The End?

    Take me back to my youth, I am just just 19 years old
    The words drop so heavily. "I'm with child" is what I'm told.
    I dissolved my path, rethought everything including my career plan
    Still adolescent in some ways, yet I chose to be a man.

    I worked hard to build us some kind of life
    That factory from 6am until 6 o'clock at night.
    Then home a little while to eat before another job
    Pouring pints for idiots at night.

    Not once did I complain
    Because I was young and fit back then
    And things kinda came together
    With the help of family and friends.

    They brought you into our world
    When from your own you were outcast
    All their trust and gestures
    On you they would soon be lost.

    But I put the end before the middle
    Before the birth of our shared genes
    Waiting for her to breath her first
    My fingers crushed, ears filled with screams.

    My only blood born daughter came to be
    And they placed her in my arms
    Wrapped up within her blanket
    I quickly succumbed to her charms

    It's time to go the midwife said
    Mum and baby need to rest
    That's when you got your first hold
    As you clutched her to your breast.

    I walked out of that hospital
    That's now a university
    4 miles from there to home
    I covered it with ease and speed

    Not many people know this
    Not a single person seen
    I wept so much when I got home
    But not through misery.

    Things started getting better
    For I found a cracking well paid job
    It involved working shifts
    But I thought it worth the cost

    And that is when things started to go wrong
    For you simply couldn't be alone
    When I was working night shift
    You snuck a man into our home

    I found out about it eventually
    And the split was not a pleasant one
    Not caring for our little one properly
    She stayed with me and my mum

    They gave you time to sort yourself
    Then our baby came back to you
    And that's when things get really bitter
    You filled her head with vile untruths

    All those years thinking the worst of me
    And living in your horrid home
    Believing the lies you told of me
    Till she had a baby of her own

    You see I tracked her down quite easily
    And she was very shocked it's true
    And I must admit I smiled a bit
    For she looks like me, not you

    Her and I meet from time to time
    And it's not quite how it should be
    For the poison seeds you sowed
    Can't be forgotten so easily

    Did you know before all this happened
    I had a pure, dedicated and loving heart
    People wonder how I got so dark and twisted

    !Well I guess this was the start!

  • CJ Maleney
    9 months ago

    Sorry for the length, but if you start your story you gotta finish it right?

  • Ben Pickard
    9 months ago

    Absolutely, Craig. No problem there. Keep them coming.

  • Em
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    I'm in Ben

    I've been through some stuff in my short life
    so much so I'm riddled with alot of strife
    but when I heard you were missing I cried
    and I screamed when I heard you'd died
    but what came next was far much worse
    it seemed like my life yours was cursed
    because you'd been murdered left for dead
    visions of your last moments run through my head
    you were strangled, left like rubbish in a bin.
    I don't understand how this happened to you
    as you always had a smile no matter what you were going through
    though life was tough you were my sweet friend
    and I wish I'd seen you more towards your fateful end
    these bastards showed no remorse at all
    but they'll rot in hell, I'm sure, at their final call

    Not anywhere near as good as the others

  • Ben Pickard
    9 months ago

    It is as good, Em, and is so because of its honesty. Thanks for sharing and posting.

  • CJ Maleney replied to Em
    9 months ago

    Bog off its bloody brilliant

    Craig x

  • deeplydesturbed
    9 months ago

    Cutting to the bone

    "You are ugly"
    "You are fat"
    "Noone will ever love you"
    "Youll always be the crazy lady with the cat"

    These are words I heard all through school
    From bullies with nothing better to do
    Even my own mother herself
    And my "loving" siblings too

    The shy girl in class
    The teachers pet
    The one who actually studied
    Passing all the tests

    But this shy girl held secrets close
    Experienced life at a young age
    Cutting herself deep
    Dripping blood on each page

    Those words whispered and yelled
    Are still in her head
    She will never be loved
    She's better off dead

    And so she still goes
    Cutting in places you wont ever see
    Scars down to the bones
    But it doesnt bring glee
    How do I know?
    Well the shy little girl is of course me..

  • Brenda
    9 months ago

    Damn these are awesome! Thank you everyone for sharing. It's going to be hard to choose.

  • mossgirl19
    9 months ago

    Aww, Ben I'm sorry but I have not been able to write my piece. I think this is closing I guess you can go on without my entry...:-)