Acrostic name competition (Results)

  • Michael
    9 months ago

    Hi Acrostic-teers!

    Well, it was a really tight competition in the end with only a couple of points separating the top three poets, with a tie for second place :)
    Thank you all for taking part and hope you enjoyed this little competition.
    Many of you commented on how good all the acrostics were, and
    difficult to pick your top three.

    I enjoyed them all, and they were all really different and a pleasure to
    read :)))

    So, with out further ado the results are as follows:

    1st place............Aries Rising Craig...........9 points (winner)

    (2nd place..........Milly Hayward...............8 points
    (2nd place..........Brenda 8 points

    3rd place..........Larry Chamberlin............6 points

    Well done to Craig filling his boots with top points,
    and to all runners up and all poets that took part.

    Really enjoyed hosting this..

    until the next time..

    Much love

    Michael xx :)

  • Em
    9 months ago

    Well done all :)

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    9 months ago

    Brilliant! Well done Craig and the runners up ... after failing miserably at this I have a new respect for acrostics!

    Thanks Michael for hosting the comp ... do we get to see yours now?


  • Michael replied to Kitty Cat Lady
    9 months ago

    Haha.. I will have to write one first, but yes I will do one and be part of it.

    And thank you Miss Kitty K, I really enjoyed this competition thread x

  • CJ Maleney
    9 months ago

    Jesus christ on a bike! Totally never expected this as the stuff you guys wrote was amazballs. (My daughters word). Looking at the scores it was a very close thing which is testament to your quality.

    Thank you all so much.

    Michael thank you for doing this, though yes I agree the absence of your own entry was noted lol

    Next time dude

  • Michael
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago


    Here is my name acrostic:

    Michael (acrostic)

    May I
    Introduce myself as one who holds a
    Creative minded
    And one that overflows with
    Love for my children.

    Thanks all x :)

  • CJ Maleney replied to Michael
    9 months ago

    About bloody time too

    And brilliant dude


  • Michael replied to CJ Maleney
    9 months ago

    Thanks Craig,

    I love acrostic styles, gets your emotions flowing for sure :)

  • Em
    9 months ago

    Fabulously done Michael

  • Michael replied to Em
    9 months ago

    Thank you Em :)x

  • Milly Hayward
    9 months ago

    Well done Michael for organising this. It was nice to try our hands at doing accrostics. Thankyou also to everyone who participated and voted it was a hard choice and really I think everyone was a winner in their own way, since all the poems were unique and brought something different to the table. Best wishes Milly x

  • Brenda
    9 months ago

    Wow! Congratulations to all! Everyone's was amazing, it was a difficult job in choosing-I liked them all. Michael, thank you for hosting this-it was a lot of fun.

  • (we & why)
    9 months ago

    Good one, Michael.
    Congratulations to all.

  • mossgirl19
    9 months ago

    Congratulations all winners. Enjoyed the competition very much.

  • Kitty Cat Lady replied to Michael
    9 months ago

    Haha ... you make it look effortless Michael! Love it x

  • Michael replied to Kitty Cat Lady
    9 months ago

    Thank you Miss Kitty K

    Sometimes they just flow from the mind, but a great way of exploring words relating to the subject :)

    Glad you and everyone enjoyed this little thread

    Much love
    Michael x