Weekly Contest Winners November 20th

  • Meena Krish
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    Hello Everyone,

    What a week it has been! Nonetheless, thank you judges
    and mods for support.

    Congrats to our front page Winners - ddavid, blue jay and maple tree
    as well to all the HM's :)


    How blue I am by ddavid

    Gathering of angels by maple tree

    Return to sender by blue jay


    How blue I am by ddavid
    The use of language and the way it has been penned is a delight
    for readers along with visual treats! A smooth flowing poem which
    keeps the reader entertained. (4 points)

    How Blue I am by ddavidd.

    On reading the title, I assumed it to be a sad poem but oh, it's far from that.
    It is the blue of the Hope diamond. This poem is elegance in my eyes. It's rare,
    it's beautiful, and it is also enchanting to read. I'll say it, the second I finished
    reading it, I knew this was going to be my top pick even though I had hardly read
    any other poems for the week (it was that splendid to pick). I love the word play,
    the transition and the analogies. This poem shows how a poet's mind functions,
    how a poet sees things and can fit anything into the verses of a poem. (10 points)


    Gathering of angels by maple tree

    What a heartfelt write to the angelic member of our PnQ family.
    How could I not vote this; it deserved it. There’s beauty, there’s sadness,
    there’s gratitude, and to top it all, there’s love (from everybody and for
    everybody). (4 points)

    Gathering of Angels by Maple Tree

    This is going to be my a very short comment but this moved me like nothing
    else this week and it goes to show that we here a like a huge poetry family;
    when one of our main assets is hurting etc we do too. I wish you all the best.
    Emotional, powerful and so very personal right now. (7 points)


    Return to sender by blue jay

    This piece was full of emotion, power and somewhat strength to say things
    that needed getting off your chest so as not to crash and burn (in my opinion)
    with such power moved me especially as many here including myself could
    easily relate to this. It goes to say that us poets do usually wear our hearts on
    our sleeves; but when it is written with such umpth: who cares? And I mean
    this in a way that this piece is so profound and moving that nobody cares about
    wearing our hearts on our sleeves because it makes us write such emotional pieces
    as this. Well done. (10 points)


    Return to Sender by BlueJay

    This piece just stood out immediately due to how emotional and genuine it is; Maddy did an excellent job carrying the audience through her feelings getting them more and more involved as the poem goes on. Opening up just a little bit more as the poem goes on and then hitting you with extremely powerful confessions with verses like: “Sometimes I want to write back/so I can let you see the pain/you've caused”. The hurt, the feelings its all palpable in this poem; Maddy did an excellent job conveying that. (10 points)


    Cherry Blossom by Purvi Gadia

    She loved, she adored by Mark

    Beware of the high maintenance kind by CRAFTY KEN

    Identity by Alice

    Aftermaths and empty chairs by Poet on the piano

    Lamentations of a sickly heathen by Alice

    The uncaged songbird by Larry Chamberlain


    She Loved, She Adored by: Mark

    I would agree with most of the comments here, this wonderful piece of
    poetry could land a page in a classic poetry collection. Notice its very
    impressive rhyming structure, middle and end rhymes! I think it flowed
    out well. It is written in a beautiful language all through-out. It is sad but
    is so beautiful at the same time. I adore the quality of this piece of poetry.
    Great job! (10 points)

    Aftermaths and Empty Chairs by: Poet on the Piano

    A moving, soul baring piece of poetry, effectively and satisfactorily
    conveyed. The structure has enabled me to feel this line after line. It
    evoked many emotions, which a good piece of poetry will do. I think
    each one of us have this desire in our hearts to change this world in
    our own simple ways, but more often than not, as this poem puts it out
    accurately, every attempt rotates around the world and then disintegrates.
    It seems we cannot achieve what we want to because we always give up
    halfway. The ending was hard-hitting, ‘soul without a back bone’ and ‘tired
    of trying to fill this void’. To me it means unless people go all in this
    together things will remain the cycle that they are. Superb piece!
    (7 points)
    Lamentations of a Sickly Heathen by Alice

    This piece has excellent imagery. Because of Alice’s rich and beautiful
    language, she has wonderfully set the tone for this piece. It was easy to
    see the man on his knees, easy to feel and resonate with how he felt at
    that moment. I personally think the first stanza is absolutely fantastic.
    Great work! (4 points)

    The uncaged songbird by Larry Chamberlain

    This week has been yet another moving week in poetry with Maple Trees
    story (please forgive me) and this dedication by Larry is most certainly included.
    I balled my eyes out at this, alongside other dedicated pieces, like many others
    no doubt have but this piece seemed to show the emotion and strength of someone
    going through hard times and becoming ‘uncaged’ and definitely shows lots of
    compassion. The word usage was just perfectly beautiful. (4 points)

    Identity by Alice.

    You got me with your very first lines: "That tornado is not mine.
    My defects are far more elegant.” And oh, what followed, the metaphors,
    the comparisons and the images that built in my head, they scared me.
    Having said that your defects were far more elegant and then comparing
    those defects to those of an elephant man, I took a step back from the intensity
    of the poem that I was unfolding; and then when you came to vampires, that
    was it. I had goosebumps. But then you move from your definitives of "I am not",
    "Not I", and "I am in control", to the "Who knows" and "Perhaps", and that takes
    this poem to a next level. A perfect beginning with a perfect climax.
    Well done. (7 points)

    Beware of the high maintenance kind by CRAFTY KEN

    Just as the writer, humble and crafty, so is this poem
    with a dash of humor and the truth about life and its people.
    A well delivered poem worth reading again and again!
    (7 points)

    Cherry Blossom by Purvi Gadia
    My…what a lovely and heart warning write. There are some
    memorable lines in this poem which has captured my heart
    as well as my imagination! So beautifully penned! (10 points)


    Lost soul by mysticalpieces
    MysticalPieces is self-reflective in this piece, wedding introspection with prose extremely well. She takes the reader on a journey as she tries to piece together why the speaker is a lost soul, being honest with herself and with the audience at the same time. What struck out the most about this poem to me, was the ending, instead of feeling the need to try to backtrack a little and end on a happier note, MP ends the poem on a stark note. The decision to do that is powerful and a honest one. Well done MP. (7 points)


    Clear: Jellyfish Song by Blake
    This is such a gentle poem; short and lovely. I never thought of the concept of ‘dreaming jellyfishes’ and it is wonderful. It made me think of Maldives, where the beaches glow and a noted spot for divers. This is dripping with imagery, well done Blake! (4 points)

  • Brenda
    1 year ago

    Congratulations to all the front page winners and HM's! So many awesome writes. Thank you judges for your time and dedication and Meena for hosting.

  • Ben Pickard
    1 year ago

    Congratulations to everyone highlighted; another wonderful week.

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    1 year ago

    Congratulations to all winners, HMs and nominations ... a super week! :-)

  • mossgirl19
    1 year ago

    Congrats to our winners and HMs! Yes, what an awesome week with awesome poetry. Thank you our judges and mods!

  • Larry Chamberlin
    1 year ago

    Congrats to Frank, Andrea & Maddie & to the other HMs.
    Thanks, judge for the lovely comment and thanks to Ben for nominating it.
    Thanks to the judges & to Meena for posting in a tough week.

  • Mark
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    Congratulations all winners and Hms. Thanks judges. Thanks Nams, Brenda and Michael for nominating. Special thanks to Michael for his help in she loved, she adored.

  • naaz
    1 year ago

    Congratulations to everyone!
    Thanks to judges and mods for giving their time and hosting such contests.

  • Poet on the Piano
    1 year ago

    Congrats to everyone! Thank you, judge, for reading and for the comment.
    Thank you, Meena for posting!

    Take care everyone <3

  • ddavidd
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    Thanks to the judges for their time and my nice comments. Thank to the Scott and Liz for nominating me. Thanks to dear Meena for hosting.
    Only four judges ?

  • Larry Chamberlin
    1 year ago

    The last judge’s comments were mis filed & are now there.

  • ddavidd replied to Larry Chamberlin
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    I know lots of ups and downs behind the weakly curtain.
    Thanks for being such a great navigator there. Or I should have said captain!!