Weekly Contest Results Dec 4th

  • Meena Krish
    10 months ago, updated 10 months ago

    Hello, this week we had a harvest basket of judges. One judge
    was absent for awhile and we have been sub-judging for that judge on a
    rotating basis. The judges all voted on Saturday, so that we had 5 full sets
    of comments and votes. However, the absent judge appeared unexpectedly
    and cast votes and sent in comments. These new votes did not change
    the outcome, but we are including them so that the poets the judge selected
    would have the honor of reading the judge’s comments.


    Another Sleepless Night by Ren

    Splash of Stars by ddavidd

    It’s Raining by Maple Tree


    It's Raining by Maple Tree
    Give until you are no longer a person separate from your offering.
    Sacrifice until there is no strength left to hold up your soul. Experience
    the pain of another, or others, until your world has been permeated
    with extreme depression. Then hold out a bit longer, recharge and
    continue. In this mold are saints constructed. (7 points)
    It's Raining by Maple Tree 10 points
    I almost wished I could vote for this and refrain from commenting because
    it is so incredibly personal and powerful, but because this is the weekly contest
    and every poem - even ones that are not nominated deserve honest feedback, here
    goes nothing. For being so personal, this is also incredibly relateable, everyone,
    especially artists, understand what it's like to put up a front (whether in their work
    or in person) and then finally getting to the breaking point where they need to get
    over everything that's happening in their life so they can ask for or be offered the
    support they actually need to get through the rest of their ordeal. I feel like artists of all
    kinds have more of a problem with this than anyone else, especially in this age where
    all a person's work is online or in some sort of public form and they don't want strangers
    to pity them or old school bullies to come across it and embarrass them - both of
    which are things I've seen and despise, but sorry this is meant to be more professional
    than that. Anyway, back to the point of this poem specifically, it catches the heart of
    the matter, it is relateable yet personally and beautifully balanced, it is stunningly
    worded, and the scene is set so effortlessly that the ache our PnQ family feels for
    Maple Tree is intensified tenfold. (10 points)
    Another Sleepless Night by Ren

    Some people find themselves contending with situations beyond themselves.
    They grit their teeth in ventriloquist grins letting the confidence plaster itself
    on the stuffed effigy with which they fool the world into accepting their
    ability - even while they see themselves as the dummy. Amazingly, most of
    the time these same people get through the crises (a series, not an isolated
    disaster) and have no idea how they made it. Beautiful depiction of a
    person in the midst of the situation. (4 points)
    Another sleepless night by Ren
    This piece by Ren (in my humble opinion) has been long anticipated
    and it didn’t disappoint. It is one that seeps profoundness, honesty and
    relate-ability throughout this site because if we’re not awake due to our
    overactive mind that delves some of us deeper into darkness then we’re
    unable to sleep just because… loved this from start to finish. Oh, I also
    loved the fact that the title linked straight into the piece itself – intriguing
    and original. (10 points)
    Splash of Stars by: ddavidd
    Three lines that make you imagine the scene and feel the writer. Tea.
    moon and stars, they all joined in to make this clever piece of gem.
    We can be very creative in the shortest way possible. Amazing work.
    (10 points)
    Splash of Stars (haiku) by ddavidd
    Personally, I'll always love simple, short pieces that are filled with life and
    originality. But this one was especially wonderful because it managed to be
    honest and pretty while still conforming to the chosen form. There weren't a
    lot of words required, but this still maintained personality and voice - two huge
    things in my book - AND it was so elegant. I am so glad this was nominated, or I
    fear I wouldn't have come across it. I am perfectly happy seeing this at least get
    an honorable mention, but it is definitely a phenomenal example of a modern
    day haiku! (7 points)
    Splash of stars haiku by: ddavidd
    There were several aspects of this haiku that I found enthralling. It reminded
    me of reflections we think we see, hope to see, that bring us a sense of intimacy
    and longing. The stars and moon are reborn in this person and I see an outpouring
    of light. Light and eternity birthed within the soul. I also liked the specific of the
    jasmine tea, the emphasis of a delicate floral tone that somehow softens this moment.
    A haiku that gave me feeling and depth. Well done. (7 points)


    The Longest Kiss is when Butterflies Fly About by Sherry Caayupan

    Every poem is precious by mossgirl19

    Unnoticed by Dagmar Wilson

    Intricacies by Emily Walker

    The end of us by Beautiful Tragedy

    A few of many virtues possessed by women by Alice

    Permanent Words by Scott Cole

    A Figure Evanescent by Nani

    Limbo by kitty cat

    Soliloquy by Ben Pickard

    Lucky man by Alice


    Intricacies by: Emily Walker
    I like your voice and tone in this piece. It reminded me of when I started
    writing more in high school, and digging deeper into the meaning behind the
    poems, not just the surface. There's a life and spirit you create in this person;
    they are literally representing elements of nature in everything they do and their
    complexity is something glorious and inspiring. I like how your realization
    comes into play here, that you realize if this person would speak, speak with that
    same diction and power, they could move barriers. But that hesitancy and fear we
    all have, is holding this person back from daring to be involved, to get hurt, to be
    let down. Thought provoking write! (4 points)
    A few of the many virtues possessed by women by: Alice
    This piece is one of empowerment and the celebration of being a woman.
    Being a mother is not every woman's calling, or her gift to give, but your verses
    held a reverence for the life they nurture and care for, then a bold awakening for
    all women to be heard and not silenced. The image that stayed with me was the
    image of Lady Liberty, as often she is spoken about to remind others of the diversity
    and liberty we help create and acknowledge. You bring a very article voice and
    meaning in this poem and others. There's a maturity that I admire and look
    forward to reading in more of your poetry. (10 points)
    Unnoticed by Dagmar Wilson
    So this piece seems like it's nothing special because the title is simple and
    very ambiguous; however, there's something incredibly inviting about this
    at the same time. There is a meaning that can be translated in a million different
    ways for each and every one of us and there is a story that is stunningly portrayed.
    All wonderful qualities for a piece that is being showcased here in the contest, but
    I think what really makes this noteworthy is the fact that this is a common
    concept, the term "wallflower" has been expressed a thousand times, but this one
    is still incredibly personal and it is has a sort of modern beauty to it as well as a
    timeless feel. The way Dagmar kept a well balanced piece and a connotation heavy
    piece so calm was super! (4 points)
    Every poem is precious by mossgirl19
    I don’t really have much to say on this piece apart from the title says it
    all. Fantastic piece which speaks volumes (4 points)
    Permanent Words by Scott Cole
    I’m not sure where to start with this piece of Scotts as it was profound,
    honest and was beautifully rhymed which made the piece flow so well.
    The content itself very thought provoking. (7 points)
    The Longest Kiss is When Butterflies Fly About by: Sherry Caayupan
    This is an enchanting piece, dripping in beautiful imagery, written
    in a beautiful language that perfectly sets the tone for the readers. It
    also has a smooth rhythm that makes it an almost dreamy read, like
    fresh air for the lungs. Wonderful work. (4 points)
    A Figure Evanescent by: Nani
    A very strong, visually striking piece written in a few lines. I love the
    rhyming, it flowed really well. This is the kind of poetry that is
    direct, simple and just leaves an imprint in reader's mind. So much
    strength flowed out from this and its wonderful to have such strong
    impact poetry. Lovely work. (7 points)

    The end of us by Beautiful Tragedy
    This poem screams angst and betrayal: the angst of a young girl who
    is rejected by her teacher-lover and the betrayal by that teacher of the
    duty owed to that young girl not to take advantage of her, even if she
    asks for it. The poem screams outrage in that the youth is punished, but
    there appears to be no such retribution laid on the adult culprit. Finally,
    the poem sets out confusion that it intimates a further relationship
    between them. Although the poem’s subject matter screeches like chalk
    on a blackboard, the finished product is raw and profound. (10 points)

    Limbo by Kitty Cat Lady
    A thought provoking piece with effortless rhyme that captures exactly
    that moment in time where you find yourself stuck powerless to
    change your circumstance waiting for tomorrows solution.
    This poem will surely strike a note with anyone who has experienced
    that painfully slow moment whether its waiting for a relationship to
    end or waiting for an inevitable solution to a current state of affairs.
    What ever the case time slows and drags us each to distraction.

    For me the last verse:

    "I dream of tomorrow
    but I'm stuck on today
    by yesterday's mistakes
    A life in Disarray"

    Sums up this sentiment exactly and could stand alone as a poetic quote
    or statement complete in its own right. (10 points)
    Soliloquy by Ben Pickard
    Soliloquy - an act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by ones
    self regardless of any hearers"
    Ben never fails to impress with his poetic skills. This piece is visually
    and emotionally dynamic and I love the way he uses natures metaphors
    to add to the emotional depth of his writing.
    I feel that this is a piece that needs to be spoken out loud for the best
    effect, even better read on stage to best do it justice. I close my eyes and
    can imagine a solitary man sat head bent in the middle of a darkened
    theatrical stage (lit only with a solitary spotlight) pouring out his this
    superb soliloquy and capturing the audiences hearts. (7 points)
    Lucky Man by Alice
    This piece had me captivated from the moment I read it. What a
    deliciously macabre tale. A clever twist of marriage murder and greed
    that kept me enthralled from beginning to end. For me it struck exactly
    the right balance between murderous description and a light hearted
    tale which made it much more appealable to a wider audience than if
    Alice had produced a more gory approach. (4 points)

  • mossgirl19 replied to Meena Krish
    10 months ago

    Wow, I am very happy that sweet Ren's beautiful and soul-baring come back piece grace the front-page this week! And congratulations to Frank for his remarkable "Splash of Stars" and to Ms. Andi as well.

    Congrats to fellow HMs! Thank you Meena for hosting and thank you judges for a vote on my poem and the sweet comment. All your insights are amazing!

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    10 months ago

    Huge congrats to all the worthy winners and HM recipients this week. They're all fab!
    Thanks to Meena for hosting and for all the judges giving up their time to do so. Special thanks to Ben and Craig for nominating me and to the lovey Judge for their comments and HM for 'Limbo'. I really appreciate it :-) x

  • naaz
    10 months ago

    Congratulations to everyone!
    Huge Thanks to judges and mods for giving their time and hosting the contest once again.

  • Ben Pickard
    10 months ago

    well done, one and all. Lovely to see a haiku taking centre stage this week, too.

    All the best,


  • Brenda
    10 months ago

    Congratulations all! Front page writes and HM's! Wonderful writes all around. Meena, thank you for hosting and the judges as,always for your time and efforts.

  • ddavidd
    10 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    Thanks Judges for your times and my wonderful comments. Thanks Meena for hosting and spelling my name right, haha, and also for bringing good luck because I only win when you are hosting. It is coincidence that I contribute to luck. Thanks Ben for nominating me. Also thanks to Liz( Mel), Dagmar, Em, and Scott who nominated my other works.
    I am learning to love Haiku.
    Everything in life, evidently, is about "formats", I posted the same poem as short as it is, without counting the syllabus, few times before in the last few years, though only got one review. So I have learned, production without marketing wrap, means no sell. So it is good to use the format to your advantage.


  • Ren
    10 months ago

    Wow!! Y'all are the absolute best! This has been the highlight of my week for sure :) thank you so much to Meena for hosting, and to all the amazing beautiful judges and their much appreciated comments!!

    And a big congrats to all the winners and HMs!! Y'all never cease to amaze me with your talent and passion for writing!! Well done everyone! :)

  • CJ Maleney
    10 months ago

    Congratulations to all our front page winners and very well done to all HM's.. voting is not a task I imagine to have been easy this week.

    So fair play to our judges for your efforts. Also thanks to our Mods for your never ending hard work.

    Finally thank you to Scott for nominating my little rhyme


  • ddavidd
    10 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    I am allowing myself to thank everyone involved in place of Andrea. She is too involved now otherwise she would never miss this.
    We all love you, love your bird and love your poetry Andrea.