A Little Rhyme For Christmas Time, Contest Results

  • CJ Maleney
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Can I start by saying a massive thank you to all who entered. I realise the time constraints were limiting, however I am honored by the level of participation.

    I wasn't sure how this would work as many of our members do not celebrate Christmas but I thought the spirit of Christmas transcends religion. It's about celebrating family, charity and the fellowship of Man. You do not have to be Christian to understand the spirit of Christmas.

    The diversity of the poems entered was very eclectic. Some were very traditional and encompassed the more jovial aspects of Christmas, some looked at it from a different perspective, with fun and humour and others followed a little dark twisty thought.

    Every single one I found enthralling.

    So to the winners. Drum roll please!

    1st place.
    Sandy Christmas (by Tony) 38 points


    2nd place.
    Twas the night before Christmas (Christmas eve shopping woes) (By Scott Cole) 34 points


    3rd place.
    A Mice Christmas (by Milly Hayward) 20 points

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    Jingle Bells (by chatterbox909 sphynx)

    How does one critique a poem written by your own offspring while trying to avoid a tsunami of a hissy fit. !!!Giggles!!!

    Dani captures the innocent and beautiful aspects of Christmas in this little ditty of rhyme. It flows really well but could be enhanced by the addition of a word and a little patience.

    This said, you are young and if you continue to absorb information and advice in the way you currently do, you're gonna achieve some pretty special things.

    Well done

    Dad xx


    Santa is coming to town (by Dagmar Wilson)

    This poem By Dagmar Wilson did not truly follow the rhyming format of the initial idea. However as a piece of poetry I think it does rather well.

    Perhaps it does not flow in lyrical terms, but I feel it has its own kinda flow.

    A well received and valuable entry in my humble opinion. Again It's all about the joys of this season and focuses on the this aspect.

    Smiles received on this quarter



    Sandy Christmas (by Tony)

    As I said, I did not vote, due to conflicts of interest.

    However if I had, this poem by Tony would have been my number one.
    Some may argue that it is for personal reasons, or from experience. You would be correct.

    This poem hit home, as I've been in a similar situation. No sand for me but a depth of snow I never thought possible. Different lands and different conflicts.

    The message remains the same.

    We were not there to hurt, our job was to heal. Though perhaps we get a little broken ourselves along the way.

    I loved the ending to this poem as it is not only full of joy it is full of philanthropy and patriotism

    Dude you are an asset to your Country and humanity.


    In The Shadow Of St Nicolas (by C.J Maleney)


    I found the author of this poem to be a bit lackadaisical, but !Dam! Can he cook.

    Sorry guys didn't know what to say.

    But Dam! I can cook!


    The Flight Attendants Husband (by Larry Chamberlain)

    This poem By Larry is another one that really resonated with me.

    As someone who spent 5 years back to back missing Christmas and new year with friends and loved ones, I know exactly where it's coming from, but oh how special are the ones when you are together.

    A very well worked and constructed piece.


    Have You Seen It (by kitty Cat Lady)

    This entry kinda caught me of guard. It started off really light but as it flowed along I sensed darker undertones.

    I know not what Santa will bring but I sincerely hope he brings your Christmas spirit and that you have an amazing Christmas and new year.

    As always a fantastic rhyme by kitty.


    A Mice Christmas (by Milly Hayward)

    Totally loved this poem by Milly and really liked the different angle from which she approached it.

    It's a lovely light hearted piece that kept me smiling all the way through.

    Not so sure I would like a mouse in my house for Christmas, let alone a little tribe of them though.

    A really cheery and a rather cute entry, that has been very well received by your fellow entrants.


    Snow still sparkles whenever you are (By Em)

    I really liked this poem by our Em,

    It's synonymous with what may forces families feel at this time of year.

    It would be easy to be dark and brooding about such an occasion without that one person. Yet I still feel this poem contains a lot of hope and love.

    Well done our Em.


    Twas The Night Before Christmas ( Christmas eve shopping woes)

    (by scott Cole)

    This was a massively popular poem gauged by the reaction of our entrants.

    The humour of Scott's poem blitzed through. It made me laugh, and I'm pretty sure many others did too.

    I don't think it was all about laughs though. That little bit of me sees the sceptic side of things. Perhaps what may be witnessed, could be seen as funny.

    Or perhaps you could think "is this what we have become".


    This work is pretty grippy and really good for all to read.

    Fantastic effort.

    Ps (dude the length of the tittle? Lol)


    Is It Christmas? (By Mossgirl19)

    This entry by Mel caused me to read it over and over.

    The idea and concept behind it's creation will on many be an illusion. I guess it's easy to indulge in this season when you are warm, safe, comfortable and loved.

    For many people this will not be the case.

    Mel's entry reminds us of the stark reality. There is always someone out there, whom for Christmas will not be merry.

  • mossgirl19
    1 year ago

    Yay! Congratulations to our dear soldier in blue for the huge win!!! Sandy Christmas...it's one poem that really tugged at my heart strings. It is a beautiful story because the characters here found inspiration from each other. Isn't it lovely how we think so low of ourselves and yet we inspire other people's lives.

    Congratulations also to Scott and Milly who wrote sweet and fun Christmas rhymes.

    Craig, thank you for hosting this contest! Enjoyed writing, reading as well as voting.

    Merry Christmas to everybody!

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    1 year ago

    Huge congrats to Tony, Scott and Milly, very worthy winners! :-)
    Thanks Craig for hosting the comp and for your fab comments to all, you rock and I'm sure your cooking really is fab!

    Merry Christmas everyone :-) xx

  • CJ Maleney
    1 year ago

    Once again thank you all so much.

    I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and that the fat man is generous to all


  • Em
    1 year ago

    What a fantastic opening Craig and I love how you commented on each poem entered.

    Well done to everyone who entered and those who came first second and third.

  • Milly Hayward
    1 year ago

    Thank you Craig for hosting this wonderful poetry contest and just in time for Christmas and for giving feedback to everyone too.
    Thanks to everyone who submitted poems and judged them. (Judging is never easy)

    Congratulations to Tony for his win with Sandy Christmas - this was inspired and helped us glimpse the harsher side of Christmas and the spirit of kindness
    that touches everyone's heart. A well deserved win.. Congratulations also to Scott for his hilarious "Twas the night before Christmas" - very funny look at the trials and tribulations of Christmas shopping.

    Huge thanks to everyone who voted in my "A Mice Christmas" - you've left me feeling all warm and fuzzy :)

    Hoping everyone has a lovely Christmas break. Take care best wishes Milly x

  • Larry Chamberlin
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Congratulations Tony, Scott and Milly - great poems!
    Thanks Craig for coming up with and hosting this contest.

  • CJ Maleney replied to Larry Chamberlin
    1 year ago

    Thank you poppa poet so chuffed you entered too.

    Have a good one dude


  • Tony
    1 year ago

    I'm not used to receiving compliments, I guess I'm still not used to sharing my work, but thanks to everyone for the heartfelt compliments. I'm leaving in the spring for Afghanistan for a 9 month tour, at least it's not 18 months this time around. Should be back Jan of '19.

    Honestly I'm looking forward to some stability for a change.