Weekly Contest Winners - February 5, 2018!

  • Poet on the Piano
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. So many awesome poems nominated! Aegis wrote about how he wrestles with his words, not able to pen pretty words anymore and the struggle of expressing that in "Dear Reader". Mark tells of the emotional cycle of storms both in nature and within a soul through moving imagery in "cyclical.". Michael vividly paints the way words form, the innovation, power and passion it takes to write in "Creative madness". Congrats to the winners and to the many honorable mentions! Especially welcoming a new member to PnQ, Rosy Cheeks and Irony, who had two separate poems nominated. Have a great week, everybody!



    “Dear Reader” by: Aegis 10 + 7 + 4 = 21 points

    "cyclical." by: hiraeth 10 + 7 = 17 points

    “Creative madness” by: Michael 7 + 4 = 11 points



    "cyclical." by: hiraeth

    “I’m a sucker for poems that do a full circle, and this poem is not just cyclical in name, but in essence. The content is a perfect harmony of metaphor and truth. It’s beautiful. Word choices are both meaningful and poetic. Just a very pretty poem. Worth a second, third, and fourth read. I'm left wondering about the subject/person at the center. Well done.” (10)

    - - - - - - - - -

    “There's such a softness, a tenderness in this piece. Almost like I am reading this in a trance-like state, where the rain brings me peace and I seek comfort in knowing that the sky can express itself that way. I love how you wove such depth into your verses, the strike of thunder and way it exposes one's true desires and secrets. That vulnerability is so tangible. Then the destruction of this idea of what home means and has come to be. Such insight in this piece and each image is perfectly paired with emotion. And lastly, that heaviness that remains. The water is no longer tender, fragile... no longer dissolves but serves as a reminder.

    Such a thought-provoking piece that comes alive and shakes with meaning. From your title and how you connected the journey of a storm, I perceived this as a panic attack or something maybe not as vocal as that. There's a stirring inside and you penned that so well. It also made me think of my own emotions. I don't know if you're familiar with rapid-cycling in regards to bipolar disorder, but that's what it made me think of. Something so frequent, repeated, sometimes within hours. Waves of emotion, cycles. You've created such a raw, unique portrayal.” (7)


    “Dear Reader” by: Aegis

    “I believe every writer can relate to this at one time or the other: the writer's block; and you have made your inability to weave words to form a string of beautiful lines of poetry. It is beautifully crafted, wonderfully portrayed and connects with the reader very well (it did with me). Do keep writing. (10 points)” (10)

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    “I feel this piece deeply and it can speak for poets or writers in general. Writing poetry is gives us a wonderful sense of purpose and fulfillment and utilizing our creative potential is really a great experience. Each of us undergoes a phase or period in which writing somehow loses its purpose and we seem to write in vain. I admire the intensity of this write. It's quite ironic though, because the writer seems to be losing it but the way this was worded and formatted still is beautiful poetry.” (7)

    - - - - - - - - - -

    “Heartbreakingly honest. The exhaustion a poet faces, the question of ability of how they express themselves through words that AREN'T written, the tendencies we fall into when knowing we have "readers". Love the catch-22 of being "painfully free" yet chained to your freedom, to the readers. Would true freedom mean we simply live out our truths? How sincere is the way we speak when we try to insert clever critique or smart, witty statements into our speech. What if our words aren't as easy to come by anymore, and we have to fight, to force the way we feel. What is expected of us when we write. Why simply can't we just exist as poets.

    Powerful piece and analysis.” (4)


    “Creative madness” by: Michael

    (A rich tapestry of imagery takes us on a roller-coaster filled with imagination and vibrancy. I loved Michael's innovative view on creativity and that he filled our senses to the brim with chaos and beauty and a rush of madness all coming together in this excellent most vivid piece.” (7)

    - - - - - - - -

    “You had me at the opening line. This is a glorious poem and it seems to write itself into being. It paints its own creation. Each word and phrasing is perfectly placed and so visual. My one suggestion is changing the last 2 lines so that they are not broken by a period (in other words, remove the period and then change the ‘In’ to lower case). Just a suggestion! Excellent write.” (4)



    “Silence” by: Victor 7 + 4 = 11 points

    “Magical Beautiful You” by: Maple Tree = 10 points

    "Mixtures Of Illness." by: Rosy Cheeks And Irony = 10 points

    “Storms of Hearts and Minds” by: Ben = 10 points

    “Crossroads Between A Philosopher And A Romantic” by: Rosy Cheeks And Irony = 7 points

    “The Idolatry of War” by: Larry Chamberlin = 4 points

    “What’s yours?” by: beautiful tragedy = 4 points



    “Silence” by: Victor

    “Freedom and Independence are two things which we are born with but, somehow, denied in this world today; and knowing that there is something missing that you need to attain which will involve going against too many people takes courage but is nonetheless, necessary. The way you have drafted your poem, the verses, it adds the tinge needed to invoke the feeling of the wrong being done and the need to rise against it or escape from it. I highly praise your strong message. Thank you and well done.” (7)

    - - - - - - - - -

    “This piece has a strong relatable message and I love that it expressed such with subtle rhythm and did not read like a chopped up prose. The ending is not as strong as I have anticipated but there are parts here that are really commendable. Great job!” (4)


    “Magical Beautiful You” by: Maple Tree

    “It is rare to be given a choice over the way we die or how we say our goodbyes because death often comes swiftly. I wonder is it better to go quickly and without pain leaving much unsaid and unfinished or to go more slowly and say the things you want to say, tie up lose ends and know how very much your are loved? This poem is beautiful and it is the voice of anyone who is losing someone they love. A voice of encouragement and a reassurance that we will love them always when they are gone.

    When we have pre-knowledge that we are to lose someone we love. We feel deeply the pain of their pain as well as the weight of the impending loss. Often we have to be strong on the outside but on the inside feel that we cannot bear the weight of such a loss. This poem gives a message of hope. If we know that this isn't good bye that instead our loved one will be still out there, still being their beautiful self but just moving onto a different and better place, then that means that one day we will see them again and hold them. It gives us something tangible a hope that can give us the strength to carry on. A truly beautiful message of hope.” (10)


    "Mixtures Of Illness." by: Rosy Cheeks And Irony

    “For the past fifteen minutes, I've sat here at my computer, hands on my keyboard, but not able to type anything. Your poem rendered me speechless in all the most wonderful ways. But I'll try to share how I'm feeling. I feel like I woke up from a nightmare and went to seek a place of comfort, a place of solitude to process the feelings of unease. And then, I found your words. There are so many elements to this poem that make it more than simply "expression". It's beyond introspective. There's a maturity I find myself inspired by. The ways we can silence ourselves, ruin ourselves, come in the way between our own happiness. After all, we hear from society that we can create and choose our happiness. But it's not at all close to the truth. Happiness hurts. And you penned that truth. It would meaning opening ourselves to a new world where we come to accept. What can happiness mean when we've hidden ourselves away for quite some time?

    I sighed each time I read the part about anxiety having a name, yet you don't. I'm in awe because you can pen this sadness, anonymity and sense of feeling lost without actually spelling it out. Rather, you paint the atmosphere. Another part that made me sit back and think was about the romanticization of insomnia, of being petrified of anything that could make you less aware of what will bring your insecurities to full force.

    I keep coming back to reading this and it honestly reads like a meditation to me. It also read like a reality of what living with anxiety and possibly other mental illnesses (as I perceived from your title). I have found a great deal of people will casually say or joke about how something makes them anxious, or will give them a "panic attack", yet they don't realize the severity of it. The hours, memories, opportunities it steals from us. Keep writing and sharing. Keep being you. I felt like I had opened up a journal no one had ever thought to look for before, yet found a connection, and a depth they didn't know existed. Welcome to PnQ, by the way. Hope to read more from you!” (10)


    “Storms of Hearts and Minds” by: Ben

    “Ah, love and the many splendid things that it is! This is a beautiful love poem, full of wonderful metaphors, in a sweet, melting tone and flowing naturally as love does. I am touched. I only wish it had a softer title, but overall this is so beautiful.” (10)


    “Crossroads Between A Philosopher And A Romantic” by: Rosy Cheeks And Irony

    “Pretty and gritty. This poet brings a unique voice to PnQ, and I am thrilled she’s joined us. The feeling conveyed; its thoroughness and deliverance tugs at the heartstrings. Her words are passionate while also deliberate, almost unforgiving. I liked both poems that she had nominated this week, but this one stood out to me as extra special.” (7)


    “The Idolatry of War” by: Larry Chamberlin

    “Larry has really captured the glory and terror of war here. Broken corpses, battles wounds, death by sword. A saga of bloodshed which makes for an uncomfortable but compelling read. A passionate write with vivid imagery that shows the waste of life. That foot soldiers are a dispensable commodity, naught but toys in the hands of their lords.” (4)


    “What’s yours?” by: beautiful tragedy

    “Sometimes we learn to understand that poetry is not always pretty words, beautiful metaphors and lovely descriptions like Shakespeare or Robert Frost; it is more about the feeling that a poem generates and how it connects with the reader to make them feel something (anything) beautiful, and with me, you have achieved this. I loved reading your poem and the story you've shared with us in it.” (4 points)

  • Michael
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Hi All :)

    Thank you Poet on the piano for hosting and a fine intro.

    Well, I must say this really is a proud moment for me. Not necessarily the winning, but a personal achievement to have a third consecutive poem on the front page. If I were a footballer it would be a hat-trick, but I'm far, far happier being a poet :)

    It truly is an honour, and would like to thank Em for my nomination, and everyone who enjoy, reading and always leave such inspirational comments :)

    Congratulations to two outstanding poets, for their front page splash, and all the HM's awarded. The wonderful job, that week-in-week-out that the judges give with their precious time, and the lovely comments given on all poems.

    ..and thank you to all at PNQ
    Much love as always
    Michael :)x

  • naaz replied to Michael
    1 year ago

    Sir, your poems deserve every bit of appreciation. But, sir, competition will be tough now because Ben is back.
    And it's good to see our mods back in action.
    Last week silvershoes, and this week Mark.
    Congratulations to everyone and thanks to everyone for their contribution. Thanks to Brenda for nominating my poem. It feels good to know your poem is in the nomination list with such great poems and thanks to everyone for giving comments on my poems.

  • Em
    1 year ago

    Well done all. I've been having a terrible time of late though have been snooping at the poems this week and my goodness what a week it's been...

    All the best everyone

  • Larry Chamberlin
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    Thanks MA for hosting. Congrats to mark, Michael and Aegis, as well as the HMs.
    Thanks judges, in particular to the one who commented on my poem. It's not often I feel someone "got" my poems but you certainly did.

  • Milly Hayward
    1 year ago

    Well done to all the winners and HMs . Special thanks to the judges and moderators who work behind the scenes to make this weekly competition possible. Best wishes Milly x

  • Aegis
    1 year ago

    So blessed to have such wonderful people to give me feedback<3 Thank you everyone for the win:)

  • mossgirl19
    1 year ago

    Congratulations Michael for three straight wins in a row! Congratulations to Aegis and Mark as well. Good job to our wonderful HMs too.

    Thank you as always to our judges and to MA for hosting!

  • Brenda
    1 year ago

    Congratulations to all the front page winners and HM's! Michael, amazing hat trick- Thank you judges and moderators for all the time you give and making the hard choices.

  • Poetess
    1 year ago

    Congrats all!!

  • Maple Tree
    1 year ago

    Congratulations everyone

    Thankyou for the lovely comment

    When I recieve comments on anything I write for bird, all I can say is thank you. ..thank all of you for your support. ..

  • Ben
    1 year ago

    well done everyone these poems are freakin awesome!!!!

    Thank you for the HM and time from the judges too :)

  • hiraeth
    1 year ago

    Thank you! Congrats to the other winners, and all those who picked up a HM. Thank you for hosting MA, and thank you judges for your hardwork!